“Some People Shouldn’t Have Kids,” Woman Faces Criticism Due to Her Disability but Gives Birth to a “Perfect” Baby

3 weeks ago

Judging someone solely by their appearance is unfair, yet Courtney from Idaho experienced just that. Recently, she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl with her husband, and she’s now opening up about how she handled unkind remarks.

Love knows no boundaries, and Courtney Blackmore and her husband proved it.

Countless couples worldwide eagerly anticipate the joy of starting a family and embracing parenthood. The prospect of caring for a newborn, witnessing their first smiles, and experiencing the unique love that parents share fills them with excitement.

Similarly, Courtney and Rayden Blackmore shared these aspirations common to many couples. They dreamed of becoming parents, yearning for the extraordinary happiness that accompanies the journey of raising a child. However, their path was not without its challenges.

They didn’t realize that some people wouldn’t support their decision to start a family.

Despite the challenges they faced, Courtney and Rayden’s unwavering love for each other and their resilience ultimately enabled them to realize their dreams. Courtney, who confronted numerous hardships due to being born with a condition called cystic hygroma that resulted in a sac-like formation on her face, demonstrated remarkable strength in the face of ridicule. In an unexpected turn of events in 2021, she discovered love while engaged in a game of “Call of Duty.”

Little did Courtney realize that the person she met online, Rayden, would become the love of her life. Following their online interactions, they eventually decided to meet in person, marking the commencement of a new chapter in their lives. Establishing a home for themselves in Idaho, they earnestly began pursuing their dreams. Parenthood was a shared aspiration, and they eagerly anticipated the day when they could start a family together.

She decided to think about the good things in her life and ignored the mean comments from others.

In March 2023, this joyous couple announced their pregnancy to the world through a social media post, particularly on Courtney’s account, where she had a substantial following. Throughout her pregnancy, Courtney documented her journey, consistently providing updates, photos, and videos capturing the growth of their family.

Amidst the positive comments, there were unfortunately some hurtful remarks. People raised questions about her suitability as a mother and made insensitive comments about her daughter. Courtney addressed this negativity with a resilient yet vulnerable voice, showcasing both her strength and sensitivity.

Despite facing hurtful and ignorant comments, Courtney made a conscious decision to dismiss the negativity, recognizing that it wasn’t worth her time and energy. She opted to concentrate on the positive aspects of her life and chose not to give attention to the mean-spirited remarks.

At times, Courtney felt compelled to address ignorant remarks by speaking up against them. She confronted individuals, pointing out that comments rooted in ignorance and discrimination were unacceptable. In a TikTok video, she highlighted a comment that suggested, “Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.” Responding with strength, she clarified, “Keep in mind I do not carry my own birth defect. It’s not genetic for me.”

On September 30, the Blackmore couple joyfully welcomed their healthy baby girl, Seraphina Rose Kay, into the world. The proud mom shared this heartening news on her social media, posting delightful pictures of herself and her husband cradling their newborn daughter.

The online community showered them with love and support, lavishing the little girl with numerous compliments and referring to her as “perfect.” Countless well-wishers extended heartfelt congratulations to the Blackmores, expressing that they were truly fortunate parents.

Courtney also talked about how some people were worried about the possibility of her child inheriting her birth defect.

She clarified that she had undergone genetic testing, confirming that she was not a carrier of the condition. Emphasizing that they were aware she couldn’t pass on her birth defect, she assured everyone that there was no cause for concern.

No matter what happened, Courtney never wavered in her love for her daughter. She said, “Even if my child had a disability, I would love my child no matter what.” She strongly asked people not to judge disabled individuals who want to be parents, pointing out that genetic factors shouldn’t limit love and care.

Courtney’s words resonated with the steadfast love that parents harbor for their children, irrespective of the hurdles they encounter. Her message underscored the enduring commitment that parents carry, emphasizing that their love remains unwavering and unconditional, regardless of their children’s circumstances. It highlighted the resilience of parental love, a constant source of support and nurturing for children as they navigate life’s challenges and flourish.

Courtney is not the first mother with a disability to face criticism for her decision to carry and give birth to a child. Another couple, featured in one of our previous articles, went through a similar reaction from society.


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