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Now I've Seen Everything

22 People Who Breathe Creativity Instead of Oxygen

Being born with a wild imagination as well as crafty hands can be a true blessing. Because some people can transform everything they touch into a piece of art or a functional object. And even though not all of us have this talent naturally, luckily today there are a lot of online tutorials that can give a boost to our creative side.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves to get inspired by people’s unique creations. Here are some pics that will make you want to start your own crafty project.

1. “Using fur to create hyperrealistic cat portraits”

2. “Made this corny ski mask.”

3. ’’I made a 3D mirror for marriage proposal.’’

4. ’’I turned a thrifted blanket into a sweatshirt.’’

5. “I made a portrait of my cat from stained glass.”

6. “It’s all natural wood, no stains or dyes.”

7. “Making a very special request for Santa come true”

8. “Made a wood resin comb, inspired by Patronus.”

9. “My first self-made bookshelf insert — it’s not perfect, but I love looking at it.”

10. “These stunning pieces of art have been created using nothing but straight lines with a single-length sewing thread and nails.”

11. Sure, having a boat is cool in itself, but have you ever seen a boat like this?

12. “An octopus candleholder that my sister made by hand”

13. ’’’My cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her.’’

14. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”

15. “Made a fake security camera birdhouse from scrap wood.”

16. “My hand-painted food rocks”

17. ’’I made a Coffee cup using coffee beans.’’

18. “I recreated Regina King’s Emmy dress out of a thrifted graduation gown!”

19. “I make needle felted dog replicas!”

20. “I built a Stratocaster out of 1,200 colored pencils.”

21. “I made a life-size wooden nutcracker (that crushes coconuts).”

22. Nailed it! This artist creates portraits using just cords and nails.

If you could recreate one of these projects, which one would it be? What’s the most creative thing that you’ve ever done yourself?

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