Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything


14 Women Who Trusted a Makeup Artist Only to Regret It Later

Makeup is an art, but like everything else, it can go wrong. The following women turned to a professional to look their best at a special event. Despite this, the result was not what they expected. Luckily, they decided to take it all with good humor and share how their faces turned out.

13 People Who Had to Experience Firsthand What “Expectation vs Reality” Really Means

We often buy things just because we like the packaging on the shelf or pictures online, and we hope that the thing we’ve purchased will meet our expectations. However, pictures don’t always correspond to reality, leaving us totally disappointed. This is what happened to the people featured in our article.

What 15+ Actors, Whose Movies We Loved to Watch on VHS, Look Like Now

When we watch a new movie, some actors might seem slightly familiar to us. And only later does it dawn on us that these are the stars of the past who we used to be crazy about. Let’s take a peek at what these famous actors look like now.

10+ Times Celebrities Took Their Kids to the Red Carpet

Despite all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life, celebrities are just like us in that family comes first to them no matter what. Even when they come to important red carpet events, they sometimes take their children with them to the stars’ fans’ greatest enjoyment.

16 Celebrities Who Have Changed a Lot Since the First Day We Met Them

Any person changes a lot as years go by, with their hair, makeup routine and style being altered. And for famous people, as they become even more popular, they have a whole team behind them to help them style and present themselves. They have to have the perfect hair that fits their brand and have to dress impeccably for their public appearances.

20+ People Who Probably Had a Worse Week Than You

Life has funny ways of surprising us. Sometimes it bestows us with miracles and good things, but in order to create a balance, it also throws some infuriating things along our way. For instance, you pay a fortune for a dream haircut but it ends up looking like a disaster, or your phone charger breaks in a time of emergency. We found such unfortunate yet funny moments below to be thankful for the good things happening to us.

15+ Costume Details That We’re Very Sure That You Didn’t Notice

Movie-making involves a lot of subtle details. The cast, props, crew, and even food have to be so on point with the script that it makes the production flow a smoother process. And not to forget the costumes involved, the designers deliver such genius work at times, that they hide many Easter eggs for the fans to reveal. We’ve found a few too and would love to share with you below.

15 People Who Have PTSD After Visiting the Beauty Salon

The global salon services market is valued at over $201 billion according to 2021’s statistics. This means that it’s a business where millions of people are working in servicing billions of people. It’s only natural that not everyone has the necessary knowledge or talent and mistakes are being made. Unfortunately, these mistakes cost people not only money but also their healthy state of mind.

14 Stories That Prove You’ll Never Be Bored After Having Children

Sometimes a child’s way of thinking can’t be measured with the logic of adults because little kids don’t have the affirmations or stereotypes that we tend to obtain with age. They look at the world with their eyes open wide and believe that life is not limited by any rules or restrictions. This is why children’s behavior or words can really dumbfound us sometimes. In this article, we put together some stories about children who show off their openness and innocence in all its glory.

10+ Animals Who Turned Out to Be Smarter Than Some People

When we bring a dog or a cat home, we don’t really think about how smart and sensitive these animals can be. Our fluffy little friends can save us from fires or a bad date. Because they love us with all their little hearts, and we also can’t live without them.

17 Job Seekers Who Had the Weirdest Interview Ever

It’s not that easy to find a good job. Sometimes, our experience doesn’t meet potential employers’ expectations, and sometimes, we don’t find the potential job fulfilling enough, but job interviews are usually the most intense part of the job search. In this article, we put together a few stories from people who had to experience firsthand what it is like to have the weirdest job interview ever.

19 Babies Who Look Like They Already Have Grandkids

Many newborn babies look like elderly people and the explanation is quite simple. They just have too much skin for the bone that exists underneath. That’s why the skin sags throughout their body and gives them a more geriatric appearance. As they get older, the bones start getting bigger and smooth out the sagged skin.

10 People Shared Stories About Their Bosses That Will Leave You Astounded

Lucky are those who have bosses with a good sense of humor. It makes the working process nice, plus, such employees have many curious stories to share with their friends. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have cool bosses. The characters of today’s compilation gossiped a bit about their supervisors on the Internet, and we decided that these stories just couldn’t go unnoticed.

10+ Times Celebrities Left Us Speechless with Their Drastic Transformations

Over the years, we’ve seen countless celebrities transform before our very eyes. From stunning makeovers to drastic weight loss, it’s not uncommon for famous faces to undergo a dramatic transformation. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping transformations of our favorite A-listers.

15 People Who Are Still Searching for Words to Describe the Presents They Got

The discussion about whether it’s more pleasant to give or receive presents will probably never end. But we think that it’s only relevant if a present is really cool. However, this is not always the case. Some gifts can be so weird that they just leave you scratching your head in confusion. And the heroes of this article found themselves in situations exactly like this.

12 Real-Life Stories That Prove a First Impression Can Be As Deceiving As the Weather

Most of us have probably heard the saying that you can’t make a first impression twice. It is the first impression that helps us read a person we meet for the first time. But in reality, the first impression often can’t be further from the truth. People who we find sweet and nice when we first meet them can turn out to be just charming scoundrels, and vice versa. The heroes of this article had to experience firsthand that first impressions can be really deceiving sometimes.

14 People Found Themselves in Such an Embarrassing Situation They Wanted to Sink Into the Ground

No one is safe from getting into awkward situations. And while some people try to forget it and chalk it up as a nightmare, others don’t mind laughing at themselves and even sharing their photos with the world.

10+ Famous Ex-Couples With Kids We Actually Have Never Heard About

Trying to get past the pain of ending a marriage or relationship can be difficult. It may be harder to break up a relationship when there are kids involved. Everyone’s interest in people’s private lives suddenly increases when fame from becoming a celebrity is added to it, infringing on their right to privacy. Nonetheless, there are some well-known individuals who sincerely care about their kids’ welfare and go above and beyond to co-parent.

20 Disney Child Stars Who Grew to Become Equally Adorable Adults

The child stars of our favorite TV series feel more like family to us. After all, we’ve seen them grow up in front of our eyes throughout the years, and we’ve spent a good part of our childhood being in awe of them. But these talented little actors aren’t so little anymore, and we were curious to see how much they’ve changed since their Disney roles.

12 Celebrity Couples Who Prove Age Has Nothing to Do With True Love

Many people react in a negative way when a couple has more than 10 years’ age difference. But what they don’t realize is that age isn’t always a big deal when two people have found a way to communicate. Maybe not everyone can understand this, but what matters is that these couples have found love between them.