Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything


15 Celebrities Who Were Even Cuter When They Were Younger

Most people love looking back at their childhood pictures, since they get a warm feeling inside. Old pictures take us back in time when things seemed so much more calm and relaxed. We can also appreciate how cute we were as children. That is also the case with celebrities that we mostly remember as adults, but used to be super cute kids too.

16 Humorous Comics That Show What Motherhood Is Really Like

A quote says “Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.” A mother never stops being that, not when she is sleeping and not when she is on holiday. She is always there physically, emotionally and mentally. And while things can be very hard at times, there is always the funny side of things.

What 15+ Old Hollywood Icons Would Look Like If They Lived in Our Current Times

The glamorous stars from the Golden era of Hollywood still have a special place in our hearts. And even though they are undeniably gorgeous, looking at them reminds us how immensely different the current beauty standards are compared to those times. So, we got a little curious and wondered how these actresses would look if they were born in our day and age.

20 Guests Who Should Never Be Invited by Anyone

Most of us tend to put our guests on a pedestal whenever they arrive at our place to keep them comfortable. On the other hand, some guests take this generosity for granted and make your day really difficult. For instance, eating the entire cake and not sparing anything for the host or leaving your bathroom filthy. Such moments never want us to host people in our homes anymore. We totally agreed when we found these stories below.

10+ Movie and TV Series Titles That Are Hilarious in Other Countries

When a new movie is released or a TV series starts being shown at a different country, the matter of the title arises. Most countries have to translate the original titles into their own language. While most times they opt for the exact word-by-word translation, sometimes they put their imagination into work. That’s how we end up with titles that have nothing like the original ones but still relate to the shows.

15 Brave People Who Had a Complete Hair Makeover

We all probably know this feeling of a fresh haircut when, even if you just got rid of a few inches of hair, you still feel like you’ve had a complete makeover. And if people are brave enough to change their hairstyles completely, they deserve praise for being capable of such a leap of faith (what can’t they do then?) Our today’s heroes inspire us to try out something new.

16 Lovely Couples Whose Age Difference Doesn’t Mean a Thing to Them

There is a quote that says “Relationships are about the real connection between people, not numbers.” If you take a look around you and start noticing the couples in your circle or walking down the street, you will see that their ages don’t always match. Sometimes there is a 10-year difference or in other cases there is even a 25-year difference. And while that may seem awkward for some people, for those involved it means absolutely nothing.

15+ Stars in Early Career vs Now

We tend to watch our favorite actors’ and actresses’ careers closely if we’re fans of their talent. Stars go through different stages in life just like we do, and it’s sometimes fun to look through their old photos and see what a long way they’ve come. In this article, we’ll see some celebs’ transformations over the years.

18 Male Celebrities Who Keep On Getting Better With Age

When we look at some famous men, we notice that their attractiveness is multiplying as they grow older. As if their wrinkles and grey hair are only increasing their charm. And looking at these dashing men serves as a reminder that we should never worry about aging, because our maturity and confidence are what make us charismatic, and these attributes come mostly with age.

12 Tricky Hacks That Can Prove to Be Very Useful for Any Woman

Life is full of challenges, either small or big, that give us varying levels of difficulty. So, when it comes to the smaller stuff, like wearing a dress or taking care of our nails, we want to keep things simple. And there is always a simple solution if we know where to look at. Luckily, we have prepared some tricks and tips that might prove really useful to you.

A Cosmetic Surgeon Found the 10 Most Attractive Men in the World, and We Ranked Them

A celebrity facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva, has named the 10 most good-looking men in the world. De Silva reached his findings using the golden ratio, a mathematical concept which is often equated to beauty when found in nature, and computer mapping techniques. So we decided to rank the famous hunks here. Enjoy!

15 Movie Goofs Only Fans Can Spot

When filming a movie and TV series, film directors try to pay attention to every little detail to make the movie look believable. Hundreds and even thousands of people can work on a single movie. However, even a multi-million dollar budget and a big crew can’t guarantee that you won’t find any goofs in the completed film.

15+ Times People Revived Their Memories by Recreating Old Pics

Now that it’s so easy to take photos, many of us try to capture every (even slightly) significant moment to remember everything. However, scientists say that taking pics is actually doing the opposite; we tend to remember such moments less. But one thing is for sure: old photos do make us feel like we can go back in time. Our today’s heroes took a trip down memory lane and recreated their old images.

We Changed the Eye Color of Our Favorite Stars and They Are Completely Transformed Now

Even though we are all born with an eye color that perfectly suits our skin tone and gives us our unique look, we now have the choice to experiment with different shades using colored contact lenses. Furthermore, we can use the help of modern technology, and see what we’d look like if we had a different eye color. And this is what we did on some Hollywood stars, and the results left us pleasantly surprised.

18 Gorgeous Women Who Would Look Equally Appealing As Men

Aside from their talent, some famous women are known for their exquisite beauty and gracefully feminine features. However, we wonder if these celebrities would still be considered as conventionally attractive if they were men. Thanks to modern technology, we were able to achieve this transformation, and the results we obtained left us astonished.

13 Legendary Photo Recreations We Can’t Stop Staring At

Red carpet appearances and iconic TV and movie costumes will forever live in our memories and as long as the internet exists. And since celebrities have always been a source of inspiration, it’s understandable that many people will try and mimic them. Sometimes it’s out of respect or adoration and sometimes for humor purposes. And sometimes the same celebrities will recreate one of the old pictures.

14 Clothing Mistakes You Might Be Guilty of Making

Wearing clothes is something we all do on a daily basis and at varying levels of fashion and formality. And while there are so many magazines and guides about how to dress properly, there are still simple mistakes we all make. Maybe it’s because we don’t really care or because we are not aware of the mistake. That’s why we decided to let you know about some common mistakes that can be fixed with just one move.

13 Celebrity Kids We Have Seen Very Little Of

Some celebrities choose to take the public along for a ride in their personal life. And that includes the moment they have a kid and that kid starts growing up. But some others choose to shelter their kids as much as they can and not allow paparazzi photos of them to be published in the media. They are the ones who choose when and where their kids will make an appearance or let the children choose when they will choose to share their photos.

20 Celebrities Who Prove That Our Hairstyle Can Totally Transform Us

Some of us really enjoy frequently changing our hairstyle and sometimes even experimenting with colors that are totally different from our natural shade. Moreover, these bold changes can be so refreshing because they allow us to discover new sides of our personality that might even surprise us. And these celebrities who decided to go for a daring look, might inspire you to book an appointment with your hairstylist.

18 Celebrities Who Look Completely Transformed If We Replaced Their Blue Eyes With Brown

Our eye color can have a major influence on the way we look and might even impact how the rest of our facial features are perceived. To prove this, we have selected celebrities who are known for their piercing blue eyes and we gave them a brown-colored iris. And even though this totally changed their overall look, we can’t deny that they remained as gorgeous as ever, and we can’t decide which color suits them best.