13 People Who Are Eerily Similar to Celebrities

year ago

While no person is exactly the same as somebody else, there certainly are people who look terribly alike. Without them being even distant relatives, they just share too many facial similarities. And it’s only natural for those around them to notice those similarities or even confuse them on the street.

1. Bruce Willis and his double Pablo Perillo.

2. “I told my dad he looked like Arthur today and he didn’t agree until he saw the picture!”

3. “My Great Grandfather looks just like Johnny Depp.”

4. “My father-in-law looks exactly like the old man from the cartoon Up.”

5. “Meghan Markle. I get this often.”

6. He’s giving How I Met Your Mother vibes.

7. Captain America’s doppelgänger before his transformation.

8. “My dad is Howard Stern’s doppelgänger.”

9. “I keep getting stopped on the street because people think I’m Ed Sheeran.”

10. “My grandparents wedding in Brazil,1940”

11. “This guy I know is Ryan Gosling’s lost twin.”

12. “People have said that my girlfriend looks like Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones.”

13. “My parents Wedding day, February 1961. I think Dad looks like Matt Damon.”


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