15+ Illusions That Will Make You Wonder If You’re in a Parallel Universe

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Sometimes, we come across mind-boggling pictures that make us ask if we just witnessed a glitch in the real world, like when we see photos of extremely strange coincidences, confusing scenery, or things disappearing right before our eyes. But if we stare at them long enough, we’ll see that the real culprits are the angles and lighting that were present when the snapshots were taken.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together 16 seemingly impossible photos that made us feel as if we stepped into another dimension.

1. “This pic my aunt took of a sunrise at her office building makes my head hurt.”

2. “I dropped my broom in the lake. The way my light shines, it looks like a screenshot of a glitch in some game.”

3. “Accidentally recreated my kitchen counter’s pattern on a plate while seasoning a burger.”

4. “My dog’s extremely long back right foot”

5. “There are 4 cats in this picture.”

6. The chairs seem to be floating.

7. “No legs”

8. “Giant Labasaurus Rex”

9. “Spooky skeleton horse — a water stain I walked past”

10. “Who’s a good dresser drawer?”

11. “Long, long toe”

12. “My doggo lost his head.”

13. “What a lovely...river?”

14. “Floating Pepsi”

15. “I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting.”

16. “From a certain angle, the Hancock Tower in Boston looks like it is only a facade!”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen? How long did it take you to understand what was going on?

Preview photo credit shamutrainer2b / reddit


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