10 People Who Revealed Truly Gross Secrets About Their Partners

2 weeks ago

Discovering that someone we deeply care about has a truly gross habit can be quite upsetting, especially when that person happens to be our significant other. Today, we’ve compiled a collection of surprisingly unpleasant revelations that people have shared about their romantic partners with the online community.

  • My ex would insist that brushing your teeth 2x/day was actually really bad for your teeth and refused to be told otherwise. He believed in a lot of silly stuff like that, and was also one of those people who would constantly say that doctors are dumb and don’t know anything. © GalaxiaHunter / Reddit
  • When I was 17, I once went to stay the weekend with my ex-boyfriend. It was my first weekend at his house. He always looked and smelled nice. In the evening, he took me to his bedroom, so I could stay in his bed. The sheets were brown. They hadn’t been changed or washed for at least 10 years. I had nowhere to go, so I got in. The smell was horrendous. He lived with his mom and dad. After that, I left him. I sent him a message saying that he needed to wash his bed covers. © Logical-Hovercraft83 / Reddit
  • My most recent ex (a very attractive 35-year-old) never brushed his teeth before bed. Literally not a single time in the 3 months we were together. He stayed at my house for a weekend and forgot his toothbrush and didn’t tell me for two days. I mentioned I had bought him an extra toothbrush, and he goes, “That’s good, I was about to use yours.” © alnicx / Reddit
  • I walked in on my then boyfriend sitting on the bed with his foot up to his mouth, biting off his long toenails. We were living together and had been dating for three years at this point. I didn’t want to mock him or anything, but how does someone decide that’s the right way to handle long toenails?! © twdani / Reddit
  • Once, I felt something weird under the desk of my ex. I looked and the whole underside had tape on it. When I asked why it was so gross, he let me guess... Yup! It was build up snot! © TRVNSPVRVNCY / Reddit
  • My boyfriend had always been a bit peculiar, but one habit baffled me. Every morning, I found his pillowcase strangely damp, and at night, I often heard odd slurping noises. I avoided confronting him, not wanting to embarrass him. One night, the noise was louder than ever. I turned on the bedside lamp, and what I saw made my stomach turn. He was lying there, holding a small container of yogurt, scooping it out with his fingers and licking them clean before wiping his hands on the pillowcase. He admitted he had a compulsion to eat yogurt at night but didn’t want to wake me by getting up.
  • I dated this guy who had a really crusty, gross belly button. He was otherwise clean. He’d come and visit me with his dog. The dog was very old and stinky. There was always a yeasty stink left over when the guy and the dog left. I thought it was the dog until one day he came without the dog, and I realized the stink was coming from him. From the belly button. © rubberloves / Reddit
  • My roommate invited her new bf over for dinner. He seemed really nice, but we noticed a putrid odor coming from him. Trying to be polite, we ignored it, but it grew unbearable... After he left, I went to the guest toilet and was horrified to find, hidden in the trash, a plastic bag filled with what looked like raw, rotten meat, swimming in a pool of putrid liquid. The smell was overwhelming. Shocked, I confronted my roommate about it. Her face turned white, and she reluctantly admitted that they had gone to a butcher shop earlier that day, and he had insisted on bringing some “special cuts” as a gift. She had no idea how the bag ended up in the toilet’s trash or why he would leave it there, but it left us both feeling queasy and bewildered.
  • I dated a guy for 7 weeks. The first couple of times I stayed the night, he was putting in effort for me, I guess, and had cleaned up ahead of time. However, by the third time, he’d stopped caring and resumed his habit of picking his nose in the night and wiping it on the wall next to the bed. He never cleaned them off, so they just accumulated on the wall. © Ashitaka1013 / Reddit
  • I once dated a girl, and every time she visited, I noticed small, greasy smudges on the armrests of my couch. At first, I thought it was just an accident, maybe from lotion or something spilled. But one day, after cleaning the couch thoroughly, the smudges reappeared. Curious, I watched her closely one day and finally caught her in the act. She was absentmindedly picking at her scalp, collecting the bits of dandruff and oil on her fingers, and then wiping them on the couch.

There are countless awkward and cringeworthy situations we might encounter. The story highlighted in this article is certain to evoke discomfort and unease.

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