15 Movie Characters’ Whose Younger Version Was Flawlessly Cast

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Casting directors don’t have their own category at the Oscars, but they sure deserve to. Their keen eye often makes a difference in our favorite films when they superbly pick the younger versions for the main characters. So we decided to take this opportunity to stand out some of their best work. Enjoy!

1. Rachel McAdams and Gena Rowlands as Allie in The Notebook

2. Frank Dillane and Christian Coulson as Voldemort in Harry Potter

3. Vivien Lyra Blair and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Obi-Wan Kenobi and in Star Wars: Episode IV

4. Thomas Byrne and Jared Leto as Nemo in Mr. Nobody

5. Finn Wolfhard and Bill Hader as Richie in It: Chapter Two

6. Christa B. Allen and Jennifer Garner as Jenna in 13 Going On 30

7. Tanvi Lonkar and Freida Pinto as Latika in Slumdog Millionaire

8. Christopher Serrone and Ray Liotta as Henry Hill in Goodfellas

9. Ted Allpress and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor

10. Ella Purnell and Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the film of the same name

Do you know any other movies or TV shows that Hollywood cast perfectly? Share it with us in the comments!


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