«Her Real Face Is Totally Gone!» Nicole Kidman Shared Completely New Look and Hit Fans to the Heart

month ago

Nicole Kidman, now 56, always had a strong and classy sense of style. Lately, she shared some pictures with a new look, and she seems even more charming and stylish than before. Her bold fashion choices and elegance never fail to impress, making her a true fashion icon.

The Moulin Rouge actress has recently shared two photos of her looking gorgeous in her shorter and blonder hair.

The post showed her in a black leather jacket, and she captioned it with a single black heart emoji.

Nicole’s followers were quick in reaction to her new look. Some people were really impressed.

And some fans were in doubt of the actress’ choice.

Not only did Nicole surprise us with her new style, but other celebs have also stepped out with fresh looks. Take Christina Aguilera, for example. She appeared looking at least 20 years younger! Or Lady Gaga, whose latest look sparks heated controversy. It’s amazing how they can switch up their looks and keep us all guessing.


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