15 Photos That Can Make You Relive Moments From the Past

2 years ago

Going through family photos in old albums can bring a bittersweet taste of nostalgia. You might discover photos of your relatives who look exactly like you, and you may find yourself wondering about your family’s history.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love going through old family photos, and we gathered 15 pictures shared by people who also believe it’s important to know your ancestors.

1. “Wishing I kept that momentum”

2. “1968 to 2018”

3. “An ornament that I made with my nanny when I was a kid”

4. “This is my mom and me when I was 10, when glamour shots were a thing...”

5. “This is my great-great-grandmother in the 1800s, roughly. Don’t have the exact date. I know nothing of this side of my family outside of knowing that I’m part Japanese.”

6. “My sister just sent me this photo of me playing Nintendo in her room, 1994.”

7. “My ancestors’ wedding portrait, 1863”

8. “My grandma and grandpa, then and now, with their wedding photo from the 1950s/’60s on the right — that cake is massive.”

9. “My pops in the late ’70s with his 427 big-block Vette”

10. “Cousins, 20-year difference”

11. “My grandma ran away and joined the circus among all the other crazy things she did. Here she is as a trapeze artist on the far right.”

12. “My grandmother in 1940, and me in 2005”

13. “My grandma’s pink hair in the ’50s”

14. “Thanksgiving, 2011-2021”

15. “My father and his brother 60 years ago vs my 2 boys today”

Which photo from your past do you cherish the most? Which image from our compilation made you go back in time and think about the good memories you have with your family?

Preview photo credit botoxedbunnyboiler / Reddit


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