15+ Photos With So Much Love, We Can Feel It Through the Screen

2 years ago

A newborn grasping your finger for the first time or seeing a puppy holding his paws while sleeping, some moments in life make us feel like our hearts are overflowing with love and joy. Such memories will forever be a source of happiness and inspiration for those who got to experience them, even more so if they were lucky enough to capture those moments on camera, like the heroes of today’s article.

Now I’ve Seen Everything made this compilation that will probably make you want to hug your loved ones as soon as possible.

1. “It’s been a week of craziness so far, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

2. “I grew up in a pretty toxic environment. Seeing my boys cuddle together next to me is one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

3. “My sister and my son, taken 7 years apart to the day!!”

4. “My 98-year-old grandma was the flower girl in my wedding! She kept saying, ’This will be one for the history books.’”

5. “Saved my cat from an abusive household 6 months ago. First time showing me affection!”

6. “2 months after I got him and Darwin — he still holds his own paws when he sleeps.”

7. “My daughters did my hair and, of course, we had a photo shoot!”

8. “This customer of mine told me that ’birds are my friends,’ and then she literally showed me.”

9. “Today I broke a long streak of being depressed on my birthday and had a great day with my family.”

10. “My son is celebrating his first birthday with his 103-year-old great-grandma, both born on the same day.”

11. “The joy of being a kid — got a full-size candy bar and you would have thought my daughter won the lottery. Pure elation!”

12. “January 9, 2022 marks the happiest day of my life. I’m finally a father.”

13. “This morning, I caught my 15-year-old buddy looking at me with a loving recognition that I haven’t seen from him in a while.”

14. “My grandma (103) met my 9-day-old son today.”

15. “My Grandma took me here to the twenty-fifth anniversary. She didn’t make it to the fiftieth, but she came with me in a special way.”

16. “This photo of my twin sons came up on FB memories and made me smile today. They are the best of friends.”

In what things do you find happiness every day? What was the most touching moment of your life?

Preview photo credit erx612 / Reddit


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