15 Pics That Prove Family Life Is Full of Fun

2 years ago

Being a parent is one of the most stressful jobs out there. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, parenting may become even more challenging. Luckily, kids never fail to give you more than enough reasons to laugh.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire parents and their hard work. So, we gathered 15 pictures that clearly show family life can be a roller coaster, but it’s definitely full of laughter.

1. “My kid’s first snowman. He wanted to make sure it had a ’long neck.’”

2. “A few months ago, my cousin gave me this and said, ’Wanna eat some cookies?’”

3. “My friends revealed the gender of the new baby to their kids.”

4. “One of our ultrasound photos scared my husband.”

5. “My mom set the microwave for 75 minutes and not 75 seconds.”

6. “My parents’ stairway to the basement has the creepiest wallpaper.”

7. “My son insisted on wearing a hat because it was sunny.”

8. “My mom put this up on Facebook for my birthday. Parents, man.”

9. “My mom and dad genuinely thought I’d run away to be in the Olympics.”

10. “He wanted to go to the playground, but this is how he played.”

11. “My daughter had a tantrum and fell asleep on the floor.”

12. “My daughter ate her 2 donuts immediately. After telling her she couldn’t have my last, she grabbed the box and did this.”

13. “Found this in the fridge. My daughter tried.”

14. “I was in my friend’s house, and I went to the bathroom, found this. It turns out his brother didn’t want to eat his cereal and milk.”

15. “My two-year-old decided this was a good idea, yes it’s fake.”

Do you ever prank your family? What’s a hilarious story about your loved ones? The comment section is waiting!

Preview photo credit stoncils_ / Reddit


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