15+ People Who Bought Stuff That Looked Nothing Like Their Ads

2 years ago

False advertising is a way more common practice than we would want and expect. Companies just choose to lie about the quality, design, and size of their products so they mislead customers. This results in receiving extremely cheap products that we can’t use and are forced to make another purchase. That’s why before buying anything we should look at the reviews of the website and product and make sure we have all the necessary info.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is nothing like these lying brands and we want to offer you exactly what we advertised, which is 19 people who received something completely different than what they expected.

1. “What I ordered vs what I got — I can’t stop laughing.”

2. “My Sporty Spice costume just came in. Nailed it.”

3. “These bento boxes”

4. “Cupcake costume reality”

5. “Not quite what I was expecting...”

6. “My husband ordered a hand-painted photo of us for our anniversary. It’s humbling, to say the least.”

7. “I tried making cutesy frozen banana ghosts, but they melted horrifically.”

8. “A hat would have pulled it all together.”

9. “Those 2 dots are Baileys cream.”

10. “I cannot explain my disappointment.”

11. “Pizza chain cinnamon roll disappointment”

12. “Ordered a Halloween mask and this is what I received...”

13. “This ’silver metallic jumpsuit’ my friend and I both bought for a party off an obscure website”

14. “Super art coloring kit!”

15. “Oatmeal with a generous amount of blueberries!”

16. “I normally end up with a few of these at the bottom of the bag but this one is 97% nuggets.”

17. “This Iron Man blow-up toy”

18. “This ice cream bar”

19. “The dress I ordered vs what arrived a month late”

Have you ever bought or ordered something online and when you opened the package a big disappointment appeared in front of your very eyes?

Preview photo credit stokedlad2020 / Reddit


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