15+ Pics That Prove Pets Can Make Themselves Comfortable Anywhere

2 years ago

Every pet owner knows that our little friends have many unique traits, and we love them even more for those little quirks. Sleeping spots are no exception — our pets can easily make themselves comfortable in places as crazy as boots, canoes, running wheels, or even inside a bowl with food.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that such adaptability is worthy of admiration, so we’re sharing these 15+ adorable pics in the hope of learning a thing or two about healthy deep sleep.

1. “So, I put my kittens in my husband’s boots... and then they fell asleep.”

2. Sleeping close to your food is a very smart thing to do!

3. When your cardio session completely wipes you out:

4. “I guess you could say that this is a pup-pea...”

5. “Maybe my cat can sleep anywhere...”

6. The waves can, indeed, be soothing.

7. “My favorite puppy out of the litter was this little sleepy guy!”

8. Cat soup, anyone?

9. “How my oogi likes to sleep”

10. “Ender the conure has found a comfy napping place.”

11. I got him a super cool Cat Cave with a memory foam mattress, and he won’t go in it. He prefers the sink.

12. “Our baby bunny fell asleep in my girlfriend’s hands.”

13. “My girlfriend just found him outside sleeping like this.”

14. “My exhausted daughter fell asleep. Her kitten decided to join her.”

15. “My cat sleeps next to popcorn bags occasionally.”

16. “The runt of the litter likes to sleep in my hiking boot.”

Have you ever caught your pet sleeping in an unusual place? We’d love to hear the funny stories, or even better, see the hilarious pictures in the comments below!

Preview photo credit deblicious / reddit


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