15 Unbelievable Pictures That Prove Sweden Should Be an Example for All of Us

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Sweden is a country that is known for its technological advancements and their citizens’ politeness. It may not be very easy to make friends over there if you are a foreigner, but you will definitely have a smooth life. Everything is well-organized, you can find free wifi pretty much everywhere and recycling is of utmost importance.

1. “Waiting for the bus like a Swede.”

2. “In Sweden, we have trash cans with WiFi.”

3. “Diapers in Sweden have a father on the packaging.”

4. Abandoned bicycles in Sweden get a second life through an interesting method.

LifeInSweden / Pikabu

“Sweden would be a totally different country if it didn’t recycle everything. Once a year, all abandoned bicycles get an orange sticker, and if the owner doesn’t take the bicycle, a special service removes it.

Then these bicycles end up at thrift stores where anyone can buy one they like for a good price. Everyone is happy and the streets are clean.”

5. Their internet speed is unimaginable.

6. “Sweden: a mini-library right in front of a supermarket! Love this Swedish culture of love for libraries and books.”

7. Very little cash circulates and most things are being paid by card.

8. This road sign warns drivers that they may encounter pedestrians who are deeply absorbed in their smartphones in Stockholm, Sweden.

9. In Uppsala, there’s a road sign that reads, “Careful, cat with kittens is crossing the road.”

yasyas / Pikabu

10. Almost every pet is insured and registered, and dogs don’t wear muzzles.

11. Only in Sweden can you get a reminder on an ice cream pack to recycle it after using.

12. In a Swedish museum (that is in the middle of nowhere) they have benches that charge your phone wirelessly and give free Wi-Fi.

13. In Sweden, there is an island of Vrango where cars are not allowed.

Elkira / Pikabu

14. A waste recycle station right at someone’s apartment building

15. “Sweden has baby stroller parking spots.”

Preview photo credit glimpim01 / Reddit


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