16 Ravishing Animals Who Won the Genetic Lottery

11 months ago

As happens with people, animals can also be born with unique mutations and genetic characteristics. And the more unusual they are, the cuter they look. Or at least this is the case with these 16 unique animals we gathered for you to see.

1. “My new kitten has an extra paw.”

2. A black chicken.

3. “This cat must have a secret identity.”

4. Mother of Dragons, with a mustache...

5. You can look, but you can’t touch.

6. “This is Heidi. Heidi has vitiligo.”

7. Eyes that hold the entire world

8. These iconic brows.

9. These sisters are just plain gorgeous.

10. Lucky girl

11. A cat breed with unusual ears, the American Curl.

12. German Shepherds were never this mesmerizing.

13. A smoky eye looks good on everyone.

14. This blind cat named Soren has amazing eyes.

15. “This chicken with shaped hearted spots.”

16. “Her mouth is like that 24/7.”

Preview photo credit cacacake / Reddit


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