These Plus-Size Women Rocked Outfits Inspired by Slender Celebrities, Proving That Style Knows No Size Boundaries

6 months ago

In today’s world, models come in all shapes and sizes — it’s not just about the traditional 90-60-90 measurements anymore. Plus-size women should never feel the need to hide their bodies, they have every right to flaunt trendy and fashionable outfits, just like their slimmer counterparts. To prove that beauty and style have nothing to do with weight, these women recreated the looks of more slender celebrities.

1. Katie Sutrino recreates Irina Shayk’s look.

2. Katie Sutrino recreates Hailey Beiber’s look.

3. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Kim Kardashian’s look.

4. Katie Sutrino recreates Kaia Gerber’s look.

5. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Julia Fox’s look.

6. Paloma Elsesser recreates Aaliyah’s look.

SIPA/EAST NEWS, © palomija / Instagram

7. Katie Sutrino recreates Miley Cyrus’s look.

8. Gabriella Athena Halikas recreates Julia Fox’s look.

9. Diana Sirokai recreates Kim Kardashian’s look.

10. Stella Williams recreates Hunter Schafer’s look.

11. Katie Sutrino recreates Heidi Klum’s look.

Embracing your body, no matter its shape, is the ultimate fashion statement. This woman is yet another testament to that truth; she proudly shares bikini photos and pays no mind to the spiteful comments.


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