20+ Photos That Prove Iceland Is a Place “Out of This World”

2 years ago

If you love the outdoors and are not afraid of low temperatures, visiting Iceland could be on your bucket list. And no wonder, the surprises in its nature, its active volcanoes, and places that seem out of this world attract many tourists from all corners of the planet. The coolest thing is that the only requirements to venture into this breathtaking country are to keep warm and have a device at hand to capture its most incredible scenery.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we compiled some images and situations that are part of this dream country.

1. They have a huge bridge in the shape of a sword.

  • Maybe, but I think the main design feature is to stop waves, and then it happens to look like a sword. 😊 Frasi10 / Reddit

2. “My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky.”

  • There are some hotels in Iceland that promise that if you don’t see the northern lights during your stay, you get 50% off. floppy256 / Reddit

3. Icelanders are lucky; they can see the northern lights for 8 months out of the year.

  • Nice! I’ve been to this exact spot. You have to walk down this trail and it’s super far from the road. My girlfriend and I saw people pulling over and walking this trail, so we decided to do the same. After walking for like 45 minutes and not really knowing why, we finally asked some people what the deal was. They told us there was a plane that had crashed years ago that you could see and that if you walk past it, you’re also at the water. Anyway, long story short. I’ve been here. Beautiful country. bigdumbhead1990 / Reddit

4. Blue Lagoon, geothermal waters open to tourists since the 1990s

  • That’s insane, it simultaneously looks like the hottest and coldest place on the planet. obamium-11 / Reddit

5. “Stayed at the Buubble, near the Golden Circle, in Iceland.”

6. Black sand beach in Iceland

7. Iceland has it all, even Yoda.

8. “Modern Icelandic houses are built with geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks, so Icelanders never have to shovel in winter.”

9. “My sister rented a flat in the north of Iceland for Christmas, this is her view.”

10. “In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on mail, without an address, and it will still make it to its destination.”

  • That’s because buildings are so far apart from each other and there are lots of distinct geographical locations, it is easy to determine the location. The-Daily-Meme / Reddit

11. In Iceland, there is no ranch flavor in corn tortilla chips

12. Footage from Icelandic TV show Keeping up with the Kattarshians, in which cats hang out in a tiny home

13. Until 1987, there were no television broadcasts on Thursdays in Iceland.

Icelanders who were born before 1987 joke that they were probably conceived on a Thursday. The thing is that Thursday had been declared the day of inter-human communication so that people would pay more attention to each other. Therefore, the only channel in the country (at that time) completely switched off its transmission.

14. “There are places in Iceland where you can be standing on the North American and European tectonic plates at the same time. This rift was formed by an earthquake.”

15. “Iceland does not want to deal with your ignorance, and I think that’s beautiful.”

16. A beautiful street with colorful accents that brighten up when the weather is damp and dark

17. A black church built without a single nail

  • I was fortunate enough to see this church in person last year. There is a spring/fountain very close nearby with some of the cleanest and tastiest water I’ve ever had. Hard to even describe. Sletzer / Reddit

18. The layers of lava behind the waterfall appear to have come from the hand of a pastry chef.

19. Icelandic glacial rivers

  • I used to have an art teacher who went to Iceland every year. He had hundreds of photos of the countryside. I have never seen anything like this country. The bizarre colors and shapes that naturally occur there are nothing more than breathtaking. JanJaapen / Reddit

20. The Kerið crater resembles the eye of a great dragon in winter.

21. “This is an aerial top-down taken near Lómagnúpur, Iceland.”

22. “Travelling within Iceland because we couldn’t go elsewhere. Found these guys sheltering from the wind...”

And behind the sheep, by the way, is the largest glacier in Europe.

23. “This crater lake in Iceland merges with a powerful glacial river. One of the most surreal sunrises I’ve ever experienced.”

  • This whole country is cozy. Seriously. Went there last winter and have never been to cozier places in my life. DC-Redpanda / Reddit

24. View from a public toilet in Iceland

25. “This house my wife and I stayed at while in Iceland”

  • Pretty much every building in Iceland has a view as good as this, that country is just insane. Chilis1 / Reddit

26. Sunset mixed with a blizzard

Have you ever thought about visiting Iceland? What would you like to see first? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit KristjanHrannar / Reddit


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