A Peek at How These 90s Stars Have Evolved

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The 1990s was a golden era for movies, with countless films from that decade achieving blockbuster success and cult classic status. From comedies that made us laugh until it hurt to action flicks that kept us on the edge of our seats, the ’90s had it all. At the heart of these iconic movies and shows were the actors and actresses who brought the characters to life on the big screen. Hold onto your seats as we dive into the then and now of these unforgettable actors.

1. Maggie Wheeler (Janice Litman on Friends)

2. Denise Richards (Carmen Ibanez on Starship Troopers)

3. Jaleel White (Steve Urkel on Family Matters)

4. Casper Van Dien (Johnny Rico from Starship Troopers)

5. Patricia Velásquez ( the unmatched Anck Su Namun on The Mummy)

© The Mummy / Universal Pictures & co-producer, Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News

6. Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction)

© Pulp Fiction / Miramax & co-producers, NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News

7. Amanda Plummer (Honey Bunny who was the robber’s girlfriend in Pulp Fiction)

8. Til Schweiger (Martin on Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)

9. Jan Josef Liefers (Rudi on Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)

© Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / Mr. Brown Entertainment & co-producer, face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

10. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy Taylor from Home Improvement)

11. Maggie Smith (Mother Superior on Sister Act)

© Sister Act / Universal Pictures and co-producer, AP / Associated Press / East News

12. Matt Doran (Mouse in The Matrix)

13. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3)

© Alien³ / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers, Collin Xavier / Image Press Agency ABACA / Abaca / East News

14. Edward Furlong (Danny, the main character’s younger brother in the criminal drama, American History X)

15. Drew Barrymore (Ivy on Poison Ivy)

East News, Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

If you enjoyed this walk through the years with 15+ big-screen gems from the ’90s, then get ready for an even more extreme time travel. Coming up next is a look at 10 actors whose appearances have gone through mind-boggling evolutions from their debut to current roles.


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