Meet Korean Spouses, 61 and 56, Who Embark on Working Out Together, Proving That a Fit Couple Thrives as One

5 months ago

Many individuals commonly hold a stereotypical image of aging, envisioning sagging skin, diminished physical strength, and wrinkles as typical signs of getting older. However, a Korean couple is challenging these negative stereotypes surrounding old age.

He’s 61 and she’s 56 years old.

The Seoul-based couple, recognized as @okdong_fit on Instagram, predominantly shares content revolving around maintaining fitness and documenting their daily lives. Such content typically doesn’t feature individuals of their age.

Nevertheless, defying their ages of 61 and 56, this couple embraced the challenge and embarked on a fitness journey together. Today, they stand out as the most remarkable and inspiring senior couple you’ll ever encounter!

In a video narrated by their daughter Grace, she shared the story of her parents’ fitness journey. Grace mentioned that her father found inspiration in a popular trend in South Korea, where individuals would engage in six months of exercise and document their body transformations on the internet.

Their life before they started working out.

In an Instagram video Grace shares that her mom was overweight but at the same time, her dad was extremely skinny due to being an amateur kickboxer. Her mother started swimming a year after she gave birth to her son and she swam for the next five years.

After Grace’s dad quit kickboxing, he started playing soccer every week, maintaining an active lifestyle. However, this activity led to a knee problem, restricting his ability to walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Upon his decision to partake in this trend, his wife opted to join him too. Grace elaborated that her parents, who have always functioned as a team, approached this journey in the same collaborative spirit.

The duo initiated a regimen of exercise and embraced a nutritious diet. Following six months, they captured new profile pictures to document their progress. However, not content with merely reaching their initial goal, they resolved to persist, pushing themselves to greater achievements.

In addition to their workout routines, the senior couple also provides insights into their daily lives. They share posts about going on dates, shopping for stylish athletic wear, and even disclose their diet plans. The duo truly engages in a wide array of activities, and they approach each endeavor with enthusiasm!

The gym serves as their usual spot for dates.

Many of us wouldn’t even think of the gym as a date spot. However, they regularly go and have gym dates either in the evening or during the day.

The couple’s lifestyle defies typical expectations for individuals of their age. They exude sheer awesomeness, sharing the joyfulness of their life from various perspectives.

Their children hold an equally significant place in their hearts.

The couple resides far away from their children, with their daughter and eldest son living in America. However, the distance doesn’t hinder them from coming together.

Every summer or winter, the entire family embarks on a trip. Despite it being a brief journey, the time they spend together as a family holds greater value to them than anything else.

Not too long ago, the story of a Japanese couple captured public attention. The spouses went without speaking for 20 years while remaining married, and the reason behind this silence is quite surprising.


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