11 Mistakes in Our Favorite Movies and TV Shows That Probably Still Haunt Their Creators

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When we watch our favorite movies and TV shows for a second time, we might notice that there are small mistakes in these elaborate productions. Although this certainly does not mean that they are worse than the rest, the question arises: how many mistakes made it to the screens unnoticed?

1. The Witcher (2019)

Based on the book series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher, produced by Netflix, immediately won over the viewers’ hearts. However, some details have provoked laughter among fans. For example, the fact that Ciri’s eyebrows change colossally as she grows older — a fact that fans were quick to notice.

2. Little Women (2019)

In one of the scenes, the focus is diverted from Timothée Chalamet and placed on the water bottle in the background. And if you look closely, you can also see a metal thermos.

3. Downton Abbey (2010)

The creators of Downton Abbey went to great lengths to make the costumes of the characters as faithful as possible to historical reality. However, they made a small mistake in the choice of underwear for Lady Mary Crawley. The drama is set in the Edwardian era and covers the period of 1912 when elongated corsets with a one-piece that sat lower on the chest were already in fashion. But in one scene, Michelle Dockery wears a classic model that completely covers the chest.

4. Gladiator (2000)

In historical films, we see time and again costumes adapted to modern realities and trends. Gladiator has not escaped this fate. As fashionable as Marcus Aurelius’ daughter Lucilla was, it is unlikely that she would have had access to a boned corset in the 2nd century C.E.

5. The Last Duel (2021)

In a scene from The Last Duel, Marguerite de Carrouges caresses a Boston terrier puppy, a breed bred around 1875. Let’s not forget that the film recounts the events of 1386.

6. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

On the first night on the Orient Express, Poirot puts on an elaborate “protection” for his mustache before going to bed. However, on the second night, we see Hercule lying in bed without it. Such forgetfulness goes against the meticulous nature of the detective, which makes us think it was probably an oversight on the part of the moviemakers.

7. Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

The film begins with 19-year-old Mary Stuart traveling from France to Scotland in 1561 and ends with her execution in 1587, so it covers a period of 26 years.

However, throughout the film, the appearance of the queens does not change at all, apart from their hairstyles and the pockmarks on the face of Elizabeth I, played by Margot Robbie. Miraculous, isn’t it?

8. 300 (2006)

Even if the characters’ costumes have been thought out down to the last detail, the wrong underwear can give away the costume designers’ lack of professionalism. And the 300 costume designers made that mistake. It’s not quite clear where a woman would get a modern bra in ancient Sparta.

9. Judy (2019)

In the restaurant scene, the protagonist, played by Renée Zellweger, holds the fork with her right hand. But true fans know that Judy Garland would have never done that, as she was left-handed. Nevertheless, in an earlier scene, when the leading lady was signing autographs, the filmmakers took this point into account. But then, apparently, they forgot all about it.

10. The Revenant (2015)

The movie is set in the northwestern United States in the 19th century. The protagonist, Hugh Glass, finds himself in the extreme conditions of a harsh winter. He will have to get out of the forest alone and take revenge on a traitor. And the only thing Glass has is a container of water, not even a knife. Mind you, the mustache doesn’t grow a millimeter during his ordeal in the wild.

11. I, Tonya (2017)

When Tonya competes in the 1994 Olympics, we can see her wearing new skates during the incident with the broken lace. Skaters wear the same skates in competition as they do in training. Therefore, the skates should have been noticeably deteriorated, as we can see in the archive video.

What mistakes have you spotted in movies or series?


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