“It’s Intentional Disrespect.” The New Portrait of Kate Middleton Has Sparked a Barrage of Negative Reviews

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Recently, a portrait of Kate Middleton appeared on the cover of a magazine. This artwork received more negative reviews than any previous royal portrait.

The artwork, created by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor, graced the cover of Tatler magazine’s July 2024 issue as part of a series showcasing portraits of the royal family.

Uzor seemed to draw inspiration from the Princess of Wales’ attire at a state banquet in November 2022, which was the first held under King Charles’ reign.

Middleton, 42, attended the event wearing a white, floor-length gown adorned with crystal-covered shoulders and billowing sleeves.


Speaking of the portrait, the artist has noted, “I spent a lot of time looking at her, looking at her pictures, watching videos of her, seeing her with her family, seeing her in diplomatic visits, seeing her when she’s rowing or visiting children in hospice.”

Fans online had mixed reactions upon seeing the painting. Although the post garnered several thousand likes, many expressed their confusion about the artwork.

One person wrote, ’’What a horrible portrait for a beautiful Woman,’’ while another observer simply asked, ’’Is this a joke?’’ A third added, ’’My 9-year-old granddaughter could probably have made a better job. It’s awful.’’

Another wrote, “This just looks like some random woman and not even a good picture of a random woman.” One asked, “Did a 12-year-old do this?” “It’s intentional disrespect,” added someone.


However, there was also praise for the portrait. One person wrote, “I’m not saying this is the best piece of artwork ever because I definitely don’t think so, BUT did anyone bother zooming in? When you zoom in her facial features are actually pretty detailed.”

Representatives of the royal family have not commented on the portrait in any way.

Recently, King Charles unveiled his official portrait, the first since his coronation. The public also received this artwork critically.


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