12 Actors Whose Romantic Partners Made a Special Appearance in Their Series

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study has found that working within the same industry can lead to increased career growth for couples as they are able to support each other in advancing professionally. This phenomenon is evident in the entertainment industry, where we often see actors inviting their partners to make guest appearances on their TV shows and work together on set. And even though some of these duos aren’t together anymore, seeing them on-screen together will forever stay a cherished memory for us.

1. Hilarie Burton on The Walking Dead

2. Danneel Ackles on Supernatural

3. Lindsay Lohan on That ’70s Show

4. Dax Shepard on The Good Place

5. Brad Pitt on Friends

6. Nancy Carell on The Office

7. Megan Mullally on Parks and Recreation

8. Kelly Ripa on Riverdale

9. Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries

10. Taran Killam on How I Met Your Mother

11. David Arquette on Friends

12. Adam Brody on Single Parents

© Single Parents / Elizabeth Meriwether Productions and co-producers, Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News

We can’t deny that it is always fascinating when two famous people fall in love with each other. Dive into more articles that show some of our favorite celebrity duos:


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