15 Dads Who Impress With Their Awesome Parenting

2 years ago

Many people might not know this, but when men become dads, their testosterone levels drop. This means that they become more sensitive and empathetic with their child/children. That’s why you see dads allowing their kids to paint their faces and braid their hair, things many of them wouldn’t normally do. But we love to see that transformation that impacts their child’s life more than they will ever realize.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to say a big “thank you” and “love you” to all dads out there who are trying to be the best dads they can be.

1. — Daddy, I need to paint your face for work.
— Ok, but make sure you choose manly colors that are flattering to my complexion.

2. “Little Miss Bedhead was very impressed with the Mickey Mouse pancake I made. TV makes shaped pancakes seem a whole lot easier.”

3. “I let my daughter pick my costume for Halloween. 1) Long hair sucks. 2) Women’s clothes are not comfortable.”

4. “This will be my crowning achievement as a dad.”

5. When you leave dad to take care of the kids:

6. “75 minutes. 2 makeshift pieces because the screws supplied were too short. 1 aggressive outburst. Witness me.”

7. “Any other dads know this struggle...”

8. “I just started growing and keeping a beard. As a dad of little girls, this is what playtime looks like.”

9. “Daughter (2 years old) wanted to sleep with the skeleton in her room. You choose your battles...”

10. “Wife said that our 2-year-old sprinted out the door when he heard me start up the lawnmower so he could help me now.”

11. “My son wants to help.”

12. “Chair I made in 1997 as a 14 y/o in middle school woodshop. Now, 38 & realized I saved it for 24 years to give to my son.”

13. “Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad.”

14. “My husband working on his master’s degree while holding one of our twin boys.”

15. “My first attempt at a French braid. Trying to move beyond ponytails.”

What is the cutest memory of you and your dad while you were a kid? Was it something small that seemed insignificant or a big gesture that impressed you?

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