Heidi Klum Reveals Rare Photos of Her Son on His Graduation, and People Are Pointing Out a Curious Detail

month ago

The former Project Runway host recently shared heartwarming clips on Instagram from her 18-year-old son Henry’s high school graduation, attended by her and her husband Tom Kaulitz. Despite the proud mom’s visible excitement, the internet was abuzz over one specific detail.

In the first video, Henry, donning his graduation gown and cap, strides across the stage to receive his diploma. The assembly hall bursts into cheers, with Klum herself leading the applause. Henry pauses for a photo, then walks offstage, beaming as his mom exclaims, “Yes Henry — woohoo!”

Heidi Klum’s joy continued in another clip. As Henry exited the hall with his fellow graduates, he passed by his mother once more. She cheered enthusiastically, “Yay Henry!” to which he responded with a heartfelt, “Thank you!”

The celebration carried on in the audience, where a joyful Klum sat beside her husband, Tom Kaulitz, his arm wrapped around her. Klum’s infectious happiness was evident as she documented the day’s events on her Instagram Stories. One clip featured her beaming in the car on the way to the graduation, with an animated caption reading, “Happy Graduation,” and an illustrated graduation cap adorned with sparkles. Another video showed her and Kaulitz in the audience, soaking in the proud moment.

After the ceremony, the festivities carried on with a celebratory dinner. Klum posted a photo from the dinner, which included her husband, Henry, and what appeared to be her other children, Johan and Lou whom she shares with her ex-husband Seal, and daughter Leni along with friends gathered around a table. “Celebrating HENRY ❤️🥰🎉,” she captioned the joyful photo.


The series of photos and videos captured widespread attention from fans, flooding her comment sections. One thing that stood out was the striking resemblance between Henry and his father. “Handsome young man... Looks like his Dad,” remarked one user. Other comments included, “Gorgeous as his father,” and “Looks like Seal... Same smile.”

Meanwhile, Henry’s resemblance to his famous mom hasn’t gone unnoticed either. “Everyone is saying he looks like his dad, I think he looks like his mom!”, noted one person.

Also, don’t miss our other article where we delve into Seal’s story, as he speaks out about the “traumatizing” scars on his face and their origins.


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