15+ Ordinary Things That Turned Into Something Exceptional by Chance

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Even the things we haven’t planned can be useful or lead to inventions we can’t imagine our lives without. For example, microwave ovens were invented by chance when scientist Percy Spencer was working with a radar machine. Today’s heroes don’t claim to have made a scientific breakthrough, but their findings are curious, nonetheless.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love seeing the extraordinary side of life, and we want to share it with you.

1. "Accidentally created life.’’

2. “This morning’s coffee looked like a surprised bear.”

3. “The guy at Wal-Mart looked at me like I was weird for taking a picture of my paint before he could mix it. I thought it was awesome.”

4. “Light refracted on my camera made a rainbow.”

5. “I accidentally dropped M&Ms into water.”

6. “Dryer tube fireplace, my wife took this pic!”

7. “This perfect exclamation point scratch I got at work.”

8. This is the reflection of our door’s colorful glass.

9. “I did some light painting in a train tunnel but it came out a bit Batman.”

10. “The rain fogged my truck’s windows over, and the original window sticker from 1991 appeared.”

11. “I made a swan by accident today.”

12. “The way the matcha dried in this mug looks like a giraffe’s fur pattern.”

13. Frost masterpiece

14. “The art I just made vacuuming.”

15. “I dyed Easter eggs today and messed up on one. Turns out it kind of looks like the universe.”

16. “Spilled my coffee and accidentally made art.”

Have you encountered this kind of cool coincidence? Do you believe they only happen by pure chance?

Preview photo credit fyflate89/Reddit


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