15 Photos Show How Some Things Stay the Same Throughout the Course of Time

2 years ago

A happy childhood usually consists of unbreakable family bonds and many photographic mementos. So, there’s nothing more natural than people wanting to recreate these mementos in order to bring them back to life for a moment. This is a nice way to appreciate their love for one another and realize how much they’ve grown.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows how important childhood memories are and that’s why some people like to revive them.

1. “My son Morgan in 2012 and 2022”

2. “We made a calendar for our mom for Christmas.”

3. “True love, 13 years later”

4. “10 years apart”

5. “My little brother and me in 1999 and in 2014 on my eighteenth birthday.”

6. “I too updated one of mom’s favorite pictures for Mother’s Day (not much has changed in 30 years).”

7. “4 brothers, then and now”

8. Once a happy family, always a happy family.

9. “My friend basking in her Beanie Baby collection, then and now”

10. “My brother and I did a ‘then-and-now’ for Mother’s Day. This is our old house in New Orleans, 1986 and 2011.”

11. “Cousins in 2004, 2012, 2016, and 2021”

12. “We recreated our first Halloween costumes 20 years later.”

13. “Me at 11 and 21 with the same bear”

14. “My dad and me at the exact same spot on the Isle of Heligoland, 1977 and 2018.”

15. “Same park, same ramp, same dorky kid with a love for skating.”

Have you ever recreated an old photo from your childhood that brings you a lot of joyful memories?

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So No.5 is saying his brother is 14 or 15 in this photo. He looks older.


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