15 Times People Happened to Be the Spitting Image of Their Family Members

2 years ago

Our DNA is an amazing thing, which still holds a lot of secrets humanity is yet to discover. It’s not so surprising — there’s so much information that if we were to unravel all of our DNA, it would be 6 billion miles long. It would be long enough to go from the Earth to the Sun about 65 times. But even with so much coded information, some people are almost identical to their parents or ancestors.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have found some examples of people who could have been mistaken for their relatives’ twins by just looking at their photos.

“This is my kindergarten picture (1961) and my daughter’s (1985).”

It’s not just the glasses, they have the same aura.

My father and I, 29 years apart

“My grandfather and I”

“Father and son, 44 years apart”

“My brother and my father at around the same age”

“Maternal grandfather (1950 ish) and me (2021)”

Here’s a picture of my mom and me

“My mother and I, 32 years apart”

“My mother and I at 3-years-old — 23 years apart (1977 and 2000)”

“My friend and his daughter around the same age”

“My grandfather and I! Everyone always says we look so much alike. I actually kinda see it from certain angles!”

“My dad’s school picture and mine, at the same age...”

Father and son can be mistaken for twins.

“Me on my 1st birthday in 1979 and my son on his 1st birthday 2019. My mom saved my outfit so my son could wear it.”

Do you have a peculiar case of lookalikes in your family? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Grammarian1956 / Reddit


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