“She Never Looks Healthy,” Angelina Jolie’s Changed Look Sharply Divides People

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Angelina Jolie, who recently celebrated her 49th birthday, sparked widespread chatter with her latest hairstyle. Opinions on her new look were sharply divided, with some admirers praising its boldness while others expressed more reserved sentiments.

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The actress switched to blonde hair that cascaded gracefully down to her shoulders, radiating a supremely elegant aura. At the red carpet of the 77th Tony Awards, Jolie stunned in a light-teal velvet draped gown. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline that beautifully showcased what seemed to be a new, delicate bird tattoo.

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As fans perused the latest images of the Hollywood star, opinions were sharply divided. Some were vocal in their belief that Jolie's new blonde hair didn't suit her usual style, commenting, "Platinum blonde looked good on her back in the day, but not this color," or "Blonde washes her out..." Others speculated about cosmetic changes, with remarks like, "She probably got a facelift and changed her hair to divert attention."

The debate extended to whether her new appearance aged her. One fan observed, "Her hair makes her look older," while others criticized her overall health, noting, "She never looks healthy! Too skinny and pale," and "She always looks like she is starving herself, she is so thin."

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Jolie, who's known for her iconic brunette look, has been gradually going blonder recently. We've seen hints of this in her street-style photos since early this year, and it seems she's fully committed to the lighter hair now.

But this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen Jolie go full-blonde. She did it before for her Oscar-winning performance in 1999’s Girl, Interrupted, and she also rocked a platinum-blonde wig for the 2021 Marvel movie Eternals.

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While fans continue to debate her new look, Angelina remains steadfastly focused on her work. Recently, she embarked on a new business venture with the launch of Atelier Jolie. The star shared her inspiration, emphasizing, "There is so much happening that divides us, and it’s essential that we create and share time together."

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Following in her mother Angelina's footsteps, Shiloh Jolie has been experiencing a series of style transformations throughout her childhood and adolescence.

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