A 38-Year-Old Woman Undergone a Challenging Journey, Having to Remove Her Teeth, but Her Transformation Left People in Awe

4 months ago

Jessica Willer is a 38-year-old woman from Texas. She has faced health issues and a challenging breakup, resulting in the need to remove almost all of her teeth at a very young age. Instead of despairing, she embraced her new appearance and won the love of millions of followers, showcasing her incredible transformations to them.

Jessica has a heartbreaking life story behind her appearance.

Jessica Wheeler can be considered a quite remarkable woman for many. The “denture queen” recently went through an amazing transformation using fake teeth. This part has left viewers stunned. But the story behind her transformation is even more emotional than her new look itself.

Jessica, who’s now 38 years old, was left with just a few teeth after she had many health issues. The woman cannot consume dairy, which caused a lack of calcium and B12 in her body. She’s struggled with severe vitamin D deficiency, which impacts calcium absorption. Her body even reacted negatively to the procedure of dental implants, and the pain was unbearable.

What did she eat while not having teeth in her mouth and what is she going to do with her empty case? I've got my teeth a long time ago removed and I do have false teeth, but I prefer to eat without them.

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Adding to her health challenges, Jessica battles temporomandibular joint disorder, which made the decision to remove her teeth a painful necessity. In 2017, living in Pennsylvania and enduring an unhappy marriage, Jessica took a bold step and removed a significant portion of her teeth.

“At that time, I called myself a piranha, and I begged for temporary dentures, but they refused, emphasizing the importance of healing first. Over the next six months, I transitioned from being unhappy with my appearance to accepting that if someone couldn’t love me at my worst, they didn’t deserve me at my best,” she said.

Her new appearance hasn’t stopped her from embracing herself, both in person and online. Now, Jessica can be seen filming videos for her TikTok and Instagram accounts, and there’s not a single hint that she may be feeling sad about how she looks without teeth. Instead, she tries to demonstrate her peculiar looks from all angles, and her clips always radiate positivity.

Jessica has become famous not only for her looks, but for her attitude.

Jessica Wheeler has over 230,000 followers on her TikTok and over 60,000 fans on her Instagram. In her videos, she shares the makeup secrets that help her in amazing transformations. In some of her posts, she even announces that she takes requests from those who’re interested, for creating some nice and amazing looks for them.

She keeps inspiring people, who by any reason can’t come to terms with their own appearance, by saying that uniqueness is something that every person has. There are many people in the comments section, who come visit her page for their daily dose of inspiration, and many commenters say that Jessica is a person who brightens their day.

Jessica has gone even further, and she’s now a participant of Cheer Choice Awards contest. It honors positive influencers on social media, who make the world a better place with their example and inspire many people, bringing them only positive emotions.

The woman’s recent transformation took the internet by storm.

Jessica has recently become a real sensation on TikTok after she showcased her dramatic transformation. The woman has put in her fake teeth and got glammed up with some incredible makeup. Her fans were very quick to react, saying that she looks absolutely beautiful, and some people even didn’t believe that “before” and “after” were not two different people.

In the comments to one of her new looks, some people even call her “the most beautiful woman in the world”, while other users are highly praising both her makeup talent and her vigorous attitude to everything that she does.

Of course, the brave woman has still got her fair share of trolls on the internet. But she has now built a thicker skin against the naysayers. She teaches people to always remember that they’re gorgeous, no matter what. She believes that teeth don’t define who we are, but what truly matters is who we are inside.

The looks that Jessica creates, help her follow her special mission.

Jessica Wheeler is doing her makeup not only for aesthetic purposes. Her social network activity has a far more deep and noble mission. The now famous TikToker wants to highlight and fight the typical misconceptions about dentures. The woman strongly feels that people tend to react negatively towards those who lost their teeth.

Many people may assume that tooth loss happens solely due to bad habits. However, by her example Jessica emphasizes that such condition may come from various factors, including dry mouth, acid reflux, pregnancy, chemotherapy, vitamin deficiencies, and even toxic situations. The influencer wants to fight the stigma around the tooth loss and dispel the myths.

“My goal was to normalize the denture experience, making it less weird and more uplifting through laughter. Staying in one place is hard for me. Travelling has made me realize that we often focus on people’s negatives when we should be celebrating their positives. Why fixate on cosmetics, like teeth or dentures, when we can experience the beauty of life and uplift each other along the way?” she said.

We take pride in individuals who, through their own experiences, demonstrate that everyone is beautiful. Dental issues are a common concern, and these people have also shared their transformations.


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