15 Times Reality Actually Exceeded People’s Expectations

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There are so many photos on the Internet that show how people’s expectations fell far off the cliff of reality. But there are others who were lucky enough to experience something totally opposite of this. For example, they ordered a piece of clothing online, and it turned out to be even better than it looked in the pictures.

Is it chocolate with hazelnuts, or hazelnuts with chocolate?

“A family member asked for something like the first picture. Mine is less pink.”

“One of the few cases where reality exceeded expectations.”

“These actually met my expectations!”

The handmade brooch made in accordance with the sketch

“It looked and tasted delicious!”

An easy way to make a delicious dinner in a few minutes

The sketch vs the toys based on it

“I’m not really good at drawing, so I was afraid that the seamstress wouldn’t understand what toys I had in mind. But when I got these rabbits, I even cried with happiness. She added some details, like blush on their cheeks, a necklace, and buttons. She made the groom’s suit eye-catching with the help of corduroy. Their limbs can bend, so this couple can sit, stand, and even walk. It feels like she worked with all her heart.”

“These are absolutely the best cookies if you love the coconut, caramel, and chocolate combo. My husband is addicted to them!”

“I thought it was see-through plastic.”

“I ordered a cake to look like my daughter’s favorite toy. She loved the cake so much that she even refused to eat it.”

“The cake shop gave my wife some sample cupcakes to help her choose the cake to order.”

“It’s so delicious!”

“When I was in Japan, I noticed that everything looked pretty much exactly like what was on the packaging.”

Client’s sketch vs the finished pendant

“This is my first time buying a bikini in 35 years, and I didn’t expect it to look better than Photoshop!”

These photos were shared by people who were lucky enough to buy something that exceeded their expectations. Has anything similar ever happened to you?

Preview photo credit Chef4disney / Reddit


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