12 Tricky Hacks That Can Prove to Be Very Useful for Any Woman

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Life is full of challenges, either small or big, that give us varying levels of difficulty. So, when it comes to the smaller stuff, like wearing a dress or taking care of our nails, we want to keep things simple. And there is always a simple solution if we know where to look at. Luckily, we have prepared some tricks and tips that might prove really useful to you.

1. If your underwear is too tight, it can give you a muffin top. To avoid this, try a larger panty size.

2. Use 2 panty liners to fix a camel toe and avoid period leaks.

3. Aloe for the healthy nail glow.

4. How to cover your nipples if you go braless

5. Pull up the sleeves of your jacket instead of rolling them.

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6. You can create a racerback bra yourself.

7. Wrap tape around your nail clippers to save your nails from flying everywhere.

8. If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag on hand, use a pillowcase.

9. Make your canvas shoes waterproof by coating them with beeswax and then blow drying them.

10. Don’t throw away old bra pads, as you can use them later.

11. Use straws to curl your hair while you’re sleeping.

12. Use a razor for split ends.


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