15 Times Reality Was Misleading

2 years ago

Sometimes the real world gets a bit more puzzling than we’d like it to be. Countless people have turned to Reddit to share a few glitches in the matrix they’ve encountered, like a 3-legged man on Google Maps. Although we don’t always get the answer to what is going on exactly, it’s a great way to challenge our minds.

Now I’ve Seen Everything selected a few baffling pics that’ll require a double-take to be understood.

1. “This empty microwave isn’t actually hollow.”

2. ’’I am on the train and those 2 ladies look the same but they don’t know each other at all.’’

3. The phone camera glitched out, making the arm disappear as a result.

4. “Giant Labsaurus Rex”

5. ’’I got to play with a pixel stick tonight and the batteries ran out, creating this glitched rainbow.’’

6. ’’I somehow managed to take this photo at the exact moment the balloon popped, so it looks like a balloon ghost.’’

7. ’’This photo I took of Christmas ornaments looks like I have some kind of effect on it.’’

8. ’’I encountered a glitch in the matrix today.’’

9. “I found this while browsing Google Street View today.”

10. ’’The composition of this photo makes my dad’s tiny red snapper look gigantic.’’

11. “Floating balconies”

12. ’’Did I capture a glitch in the matrix?’’

13. “My kid tore a page in his book and created a monster.”

14. ’’I found my rug in the Call of Duty map.’’

15. ’’These 2 unrelated women with the same hair and shirt that I found at the mall’’

Have you ever encountered these types of mysterious situations? Do you think there’s always a reasonable explanation behind such sights?

Preview photo credit haybe26 / Reddit


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