15 Women Share Beauty Fails That Made Them Say “Help Me Please!”

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There are so many tutorials online that show you how to do pretty much everything and they make it look so easy. And maybe that is one reason why people feel that they can do pretty much everything by themselves. But, in reality, they should just be trusting the professionals that know better. However, there are times when even professionals mess things up and make us feel like we have wasted our money.

1. “Tried curling my hair, failed miserably.”

2. “I think I’ll go back to bed.”

3. “I haven’t gotten my nails done in over 2 years. I messed one up less than 1 minute after walking out of the salon.”

4. “What I showed my hair dresser vs what I got”

5. “My mom made a mistake while cutting my hair.”

6. “The hairdresser ruined my life.”

7. “We eat a lot of curry, and, of course, we use our hands because it’s part of our culture. My nails always get stained after eating.”

8. “I dyed everything except for my hair, including my tongue, nail beds, and corneas.”

9. “This dollar store nail polish didn’t come with a brush.”

10. “I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows microbladed. It was a mistake.”

11. “So I tried to cut my hair.”

12. “All my bras look like this.”

13. “I broke my nail right before my first-ever natural nail gel appointment.”

14. “When your favorite pair of comfortable heels falls apart while you’re walking to work:”

15. “Paid $55 for my wedding nails.”

  • Oh you poor soul, those look like the person’s 3rd time ever of doing acrylics. I wouldn’t have left without a new set if that were me. spoderwomaine / Reddit

Have you ever bought something or paid for a service that left you completely dissatisfied? You are more than welcome to share your stories with us.


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