20 Photos So Pleasing They’re Like a Treat For The Soul

2 years ago

There are countless ways to unwind but sometimes it happens unexpectedly. Whether it’s perfect symmetry in a plant or the before-and-after of a newly organized space, every so often a photo shows up on our feed that sends a wave of positive emotions through our body. So, it’s a good thing people take to the internet to share the satisfying pics they’ve taken with the world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to give you a break from stress with a compilation of photos that are like a massage for the brain. Enjoy!

1. “Had a day off and did this for my wife.”

2. “My cat made an almost-perfect circle.”

3. The perfect symmetry of this plant"

4. “Reorganizing my bookcases took about 4 hours, but I think it was worth it.”

5. “The sky this morning looked like a rainbow gradient.”

6. “The Homer Simpson in my welcome mat fits the floor tile perfectly.”

7. “I made pizza dough.”

8. “The way my truck and my lunch order were made for each other.”

9. “Had a pair of prescription lenses that fit perfectly in my mask. I could see all the fishies clearly!”

10. “This happened when I went to spread margarine on my toast.”

11. “Someone went above and beyond at the supermarket.”

12. “A perfectly cooked marshmallow”

13. “My Sempervivum calcareum”

14. “Accidentally squeezed out the most perfect swirl of paint the other day.”

15. “A flower I found in Hawaii a few months ago”

16. “I made a very round snowman.”

17. “Bought a bathroom scale and my weight is exactly the same as on the box.”

18. “How this frozen Diet Pepsi exploded in the freezer.”

19. “The pattern created by the snow melting on my deck”

20. “This rainbow in my school’s science hall”

Which of these pics hit the spot for you? Would you call yourself a perfectionist?

Preview photo credit Geter77 / Reddit


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