20+ Pics That Prove Even a Small Detail Like Bangs Can Change Your Whole Look for the Better

2 years ago

From time to time, pretty much all of us become bored, so we get this urging impulse to change something up. When it comes to your appearance, there are many things you can do that have a permanent effect, from tattoos to plastic surgery, but not all changes have to be that drastic. Sometimes even small things can bring positive results.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know at least one such thing that can jazz up your style: cutting your bangs. In fact, here are examples of 20+ women who tried it out and loved the outcome.

“Got bangs today! My husband thinks I look super young now (I’m 37).”

“Left side has makeup done by a professional; the right was done by me.”

“I finally got bangs after consistently feeling bad about myself over the past few years. I needed a change. Here’s to 2021 and finding my self-confidence!”

Looks Great! We call 'bangs' a 'fringe' here in Australia. I got a fringe about 2 years ago & it made a huge difference to my appearance. Most people think I'm 10 years younger than my 71 years!


“Decided to give bangs a go. Turned out better than expected.”

“I kept hesitating about whether a shag or curly bangs would suit me. Well, I finally committed!”

“Before and after I cut and dyed my own hair last night — not sure if bangs suit me, but that’s okay.”

You look GREAT with bangs! You look prettier but I guess that's because it "showcases" your face. Keep em'.


“Got bangs after thinking about it for months!”

“I tried the Bettie Paige bangs a billion times in high school, despite hating them, but a longer and thinner texture makes all the difference. I haven’t loved my hair this much in years!”

“I’m glad I took a chance and it worked out!”

“I’m really afraid my husband is just saying he likes my new bangs because there’s no going back.”

No, he'll Love them because they look stunning on you ... & they make your eyes really shine! They'll be calling him a cradle snatcher!


“Got my bangs cut yesterday and I’m still getting used to them.”

“Opinions were mixed on whether I should get bangs, so I got bangs.”

“I took everyone’s advice and got bangs!”

“My hair was plain and boring, so I dyed it and got bangs, never been happier.”

“I really wanted to hide my forehead, lol. It’s a big insecurity for me.”

It's not a matter of hiding your forehead but softening your features & giving a far more youthful appearance. After all, what is a forehead but a blank wall!


“I still can’t decide if I like my bangs or not.”

“I did it! I have bangs!”

“Got bangs and I despise them. Probably going to end up hiding them. Any ideas of how to fix it?”

Are you kidding?? They look Fantastic!! I'd only suggest having them slightly 'whispier' &/or getting a cut that's similar to the like #9 that shows off your wavy hair, or with a cut similar to the cut in the photo above yours. You have gorgeous eyes & the bangs really accentuate them ... don't know what you're worried about.


I think you look very pretty with those bangs. Maybe you just have to get used to it?! © Imeoni / Reddit

“Had the same hairstyle for nearly 7 years and I’m getting bored. I cut my fringe and I’m in love. Super proud since I cut it myself, and I think it looks great.”

It looks fantastic!! I went for a fringe about 18 months ago at age 70 & it changed my whole face. I think they are far more flattering. A forehead is like having to look at a blank wall ... imho


“So thrilled with how the fringe turned out! I look as cool as I feel on the inside now.”

“Do I look better with or without bangs?”

“I think I like it but I’m wondering if I should make them thicker and a little shorter...”

“Took the plunge and got bangs yesterday! Good choice?”

Which girl, in your opinion, looks cooler with bangs, and which of them looked better without the fringe?


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