16 Times a Taxi Ride Turned Into a Story to Remember

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There are certain qualities that people look for in their taxi drivers and these include knowledge of the city, responsibility, patience and hospitality. And as it seems, there are many drivers who combine all of these qualities in an effort to earn their 5 stars. This is how so many people end up having a wonderful time in their taxis and the same goes for the drivers.

1. Customer-centric service

2. Free rides are not off the table.

3. This kind of service might be worth 10 stars.

4. Things don’t have to be awkward.

5. “My Uber driver had a pet dwarf rabbit in the car with us last night... Incredibly docile and cute.”

6. Sometimes the best you can do is remain silent.

7. Let the woman put on her eyeliner.

8. “My Uber tonight is so extra! Yes that is a karaoke and disco lights.”

9. The best Uber driver in the world

10. Perfectly normal in Senegal.

11. Respect!

12. Just a quick heads up.

13. “My Uber driver displays photos of his past passengers’ dogs. Everyone can send a photo of their pet to his email.”

14. Lasted for as long as it could.

15. “My taxi driver calls to say he has arrived at my apartment building and asks me to bring down a cup of water for his puppy. Meet T2, my taxi driver’s puppy!”

16. Humanity is still around.

What has been the most pleasant and adventurous taxi drive that you will always remember?

Preview photo credit raleighstark / Reddit


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