Lucky Story of Conjoined Twins Who Were Separated Just Being 6 Months Old and Now They Are Still Together

4 months ago

Abbigail and Isabelle Carlsen just turned 18. They were born as conjoined twins, but when they were just 6 months old, doctors did a tough surgery to separate them. They had more medical interventions as they grew up, but now they’re living a full and happy life.

The family learned they were conjoined before they were born.

During a routine ultrasound, Amy, the mom, sensed a disquieting shift as the technician took an unusually long time explaining the results. An ominous feeling settled in, revealing that something was amiss. The ultrasound painted a challenging picture: Abby and Belle Carlsen, the twins Jesse and Amy were eagerly anticipating, were conjoined from abdomen to chest, facing each other.

The stark reality unfolded — their chances of surviving until birth were a mere one in 100,000. Undeterred by the odds, Jesse and Amy remained resolute, determined to do everything in their power to bring their daughters into the world. On November 29th, Abby and Belle arrived, two beautiful little girls with an extraordinary connection that set them apart from their peers.

The medical team discovered a method to permanently separate them.

Dr. Moir, recognizing the complexities of Abby and Isabelle Carlsen’s conjoined condition, ordered ultrasounds and scans. As he delved deeper into the diagnostic images, his concern deepened. While each girl had her own vital organs, their hearts overlapped, pancreases joined together, intestines entangled, etc.

In response to this intricate medical puzzle, Dr. Moir orchestrated a surgical team comprising over 30 surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses. Together, they meticulously planned an operation, choreographing every minute to address the myriad challenges presented by the twins’ complex connection. After nearly 10 hours of surgery, the medical team achieved a remarkable breakthrough, successfully separating Abby and Isabelle.

They each possess distinct personalities since birth.

Abby and Belle Carlsen have been their own people with different personalities right from when they were born. Their mom, Amy Carlsen, joked that when they were connected, it was easy to buy them matching outfits — just get two and snap them together. Even though they are very close, Abby and Belle are quite different. When Belle used to cry, Abby slept, and when Abby slept, Belle slapped.

Abby was the snuggler, a more sensitive one, while Belle was hyper and liked to stay awake. They don’t want people to mix them up, and even in their classrooms, they are known as Isabelle and Abby. However, there are still little signs that show they spent a lot of time together, like grabbing each other’s hands in the mall, which they find a bit weird.

Today girls have separate lives, but are still together.

They live happy and healthy lives now, not remembering they were once connected as twins. But they wear a necklace saying «One in a million» as a little reminder of how special they are.

Few months ago, in November 29, 2023, girls celebrated their 18th birthday. They continue to do a lot of things together, like dancing in group or having common friends.

Twins have something special between them that’s pretty amazing. They can finish each other’s sentences and even feel what the other is feeling. There are cool stories about twins who were separated but still ended up making similar choices in life. These stories show just how unique and incredible the bond between twins can be!


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