“I’d Like To Look Like This Forever!” Jessica Alves, Who Spent $1 Million on Transformation, Has Stopped Undergoing Surgeries

2 months ago

Jessica Alves, formerly known as the “Human Ken Doll”, gained worldwide fame through her surgeries. She spent a record amount on transformation and has finally achieved the appearance of her dreams. She stated that she has stopped surgeries and is happy with her appearance.

Jessica Alves, due to insecurities during her upbringing, opted for plastic surgery as a solution.

Jessica Alves, previously known as Rodrigo Alves and assigned male at birth in Brazil, has openly discussed her lifelong journey of realizing her identity as a female. Her fascination with Barbie dolls started during childhood when her grandfather gifted her these iconic toys. As she matured, Alves grappled with insecurities and doubts about her appearance. In her early adulthood, she made the personal choice to undergo plastic surgery to address aspects of her body that she believed needed enhancement.

By 2018, she had earned the nickname “Human Ken Doll” and had invested approximately half a million dollars in cosmetic procedures.

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By age 35, Alves had undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries that amounted to over $500,000, as revealed by the television personality. At that time, Alves still identified as Rodrigo and gained recognition for resembling the iconic “Ken” doll, known for his blond hair and defined features. She had invested heavily in a range of procedures, including multiple rhinoplasties, “cat eye lift” surgeries, and enhancements to shape her physique.

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In 2020, Alves publicly disclosed her transgender identity and subsequently underwent gender reassignment surgery.

In 2020, Jessica Alves bravely chose to publicly embrace her true gender identity as a woman, announcing her intention to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Alves shared her personal journey, revealing that despite being known as “Ken” in appearance, she had always felt a strong connection to the essence of Barbie within herself. She disclosed that for years, she tried to conform to societal norms by presenting as male, even undergoing cosmetic procedures like a fake six-pack and artificial muscles in her arms.

However, Alves realized that she was living a lie, as her genuine identity was rooted in femininity. With newfound clarity, she expressed that aligning her physical appearance with her authentic self was a crucial step in achieving inner harmony and embracing her true identity.

To date, Alves has invested an astonishing $1 million in cosmetic procedures but has made a firm commitment to refrain from further surgeries.

On February 7th, Jessica underwent a facelift, lip, and neck lift for £15,000, claiming to have “shed 10 years.” Alves undergoes cosmetic procedures monthly but has put a halt to more serious surgeries.

“This face lift and neck lift surgery will take 10 years away from me and I believe that a younger look will match my young soul,” she told.

“I spend £10,000 a month alone in face and body procedures to delay my natural aging process, I find myself on a daily basis every week at a different clinic in London who has the latest therapies to improve my skin and to reverse my natural aging process and, as much as all those procedures work, they aren’t permanent,” Alves added.

Jessica has spent 1 million pounds on over 100 surgeries in 21 years, but she said that now she is happy, “After 21 years undergoing plastic surgeries now at the age of 40 I can officially say that I am done with it.”

“I’m done with plastic surgeries. I’d like to look like this forever,” the woman said.

Here’s the story of another person who went to a surgeon to achieve their dream appearance. This is Patrick, and they spent over $73,000 on transformation.

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