18 Lucky Accidents It’s Hard to Believe They Weren’t Planned

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If we want to take a scientific approach to coincidences, then the reason they happen might be because of something called “seriality”. It is a basic physical force that brings certain things together out of the blue. This is only one proposition though, since there are many scientists that have made their own assumptions. Whatever the bottom line is, we’re just glad that coincidences happen and we are there to witness them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks that coincidental things happen every single day around us, but we don’t always notice them. Thankfully, these 18 people did notice something truly amazing and took a snap of it.

1. “My pup about to go for a swim.”

2. ’’Is that me?’’

3. ’’My cat’s mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge.’’

4. ’’Gifted a Bonsai tree, found an egg near the trunk. And this little one hatched from it today.’’

5. ’’My boyfriend caught a snowflake on his eyelash.’’

6. ’’A leaf fell in front of my phone the second it took a timed photo.’’

7. “Was swiping at the dispensary when I looked up and saw the girl I was about to swipe on.”

8. ’’The view of street from my work’’

9. ’’My camera caught the exact moment these birds met in mid-air.’’

10. ’’My 2 kittens mirrored each other at the exact same time I took this photo.’’

11. ’’I took a picture at the exact same moment someone else had their flash on and it split the couple in half.’’

12. “A single picture.”

13. ’’The house my sister is looking at buying has a picture I painted when I was in high school for a history project.’’

14. ’’I was taking photos of seagulls on autofocus just hoping for some clear action shots.’’

15. ’’My Uber driver’s hair formed a perfect 25.’’

16. ’’I met my doppelgänger at a festival.’’

17. ’’My brother just happened to be wearing the same outfit as the gift I gave him.’’

18. “Rate my pose.”

Have you ever taken a picture and something unexpected happened at the last minute, completely changing the fate of the snap?

Preview photo credit BoBoBendo / Reddit


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