17 People Who Managed to Find Something Really Weird

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Many of us tend to think that this world is a familiar place where almost nothing can surprise us. The heroes of this article also thought this way until they came across something really weird they were unable to explain. Let’s look at their finds together.

“I found all of this inside an armchair I bought today.”

“I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store.”

“I found my cat’s baby tooth that fell out.”

“My bird feeder has gotten so moldy, I think it might be sentient.”

“We found this thing under our bathtub. In a panic, we started Googling different types of eggs. But it turned out to be a blister pack.”

“This can of foam spray exploded.”

“My cherry tomato had a naturally made number on it.”

“These ants figured out that this is poison, so they are building a rock barrier around it.”

“This Fibonacci spiral on our cauliflower we got”

“I am shocked by this albino cucumber that was found in our garden.”

“This sweet potato looks like a human heart.”

“Trees came down on high voltage power lines near me, and they melted the road.”

This is how passion fruit blooms. What a beautiful alien!

“This giant dandelion I found on my walk today”

“I dug up some potatoes and found this egg. I don’t think an animal did it because the egg has a marking. I’m confused.”

“I found a piece of broken wood in our toilet paper roll.”

“I found out what was clogging the bathroom sink. It’s a doorstop. I’m not missing any in the house, and I don’t have children who could do that.”

These photos were shared by ordinary people, and we believe that some of our readers also happened to come across some weird things that they couldn’t explain. If you have, share some photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit weedfart / Reddit


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