18 People Who Created Something Simple Yet Genius

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In today’s era, good design has never been more important for businesses to succeed and for customers to make their lives better. Either it’s digital or practical, being able to look at something that is visually pleasing and useful is of the utmost importance. It is also a way for designers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and win the market.

1. “This goose thing holder at my friends house.”

2. “This soup bowl that also holds crackers”

3. “This customizable table lamp.”

4. “This flash drive that shows how full it is.”

5. “This pan has a thermochromic indicator to show if it is hot.”

6. “A bar of soap that gets sad as it approaches its demise.”

7. “A Pikachu mouse.”

8. “This notebook that’s also a calculator”

9. A Braille Cube made for the visually impaired.

10. “Radioactive drop nightlight.”

11. “Adorable penguin egg cooker.”

12. Juicy Salif, a citrus reamer created back in 1990.

13. “This Home Depot has little mini bathtubs for display purposes.”

14. “This hotel alarm clock has a side view next to the bed so you don’t have to spin it around to see the time.”

15. “Home theater bunker.”

16. “The cap of this apple juice bottle has an engraved arrow that indicates the direction it should be rotated in order to be opened.”

17. “This local pizza place uses a garlic knot to prevent the cheese from touching the box.”

18. “This jar makes sure you never have to go digging in the bottom.”

What ideas to make everyday things easier do you happen to have? How would you change things if you were given the opportunity?

Preview photo credit thatswiedisay / Reddit


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