10 Chilling Plots People Trusted Gut Felling and It Was Not for Nothing

3 weeks ago

Many people think intuition is just a feeling, but it actually has a strong link to our nervous system. Scientists call the stomach the “second brain” because it has 100 million neurons. We often rely on this gut feeling in daily life to make quick decisions, sense danger, understand do we need help or just to figure out things without thinking too hard.


  • Took a wrong turn and ended up walking down a sketchy alley. I saw a couple dudes up ahead were eyeballing me and my wife aggressively. I said to myself “I’m out”. Grabbed her arm and said “Hey! I forgot something in the hotel!”. Right as I did a 180 I saw one dude pass a knife from one hand into the other and put it behind his back. We were far enough away that they didn’t pursue, but still scary. © FerrousFacade / Reddit


  • My grandfather used to never wear his seatbelt. One day he’s driving around with my mom and suddenly remarks, “I feel like I’m about to go through the windshield” and buckles in. Less than 30 seconds later, as they’re going through an intersection, a car blows the red light going like 40mph and slams into my grandpa’s side of the car. He walked away with nothing worse than some fractured ribs, and now he always wears his seatbelt. © PHWasAnInsideJob / Reddit


  • I was a 20 y.o. student, alone in my apartment one evening. I was expecting the cable guy, so when I heard a knock at the door, I opened it. I saw an older man who definitely wasn’t the cable guy, as he didn’t have a uniform on. He said he was going around the apartments installing security alarms. I didn’t trust him and told him that it was a bad time and that my roommate was on the phone long distance with her parents.

    She wasn’t there, but I didn’t want him to think I was alone. He said, “Where is she?” I just closed the door in his face and said, “Not a good time.” I called my landlord the next morning and asked her about installing security alarms, and she had no idea what I was talking about and didn’t authorize it. © tess2020x / Reddit


  • I noticed pain in my lower back one morning and thought I slept on it wrong or something. Throughout the day it continued and started to feel like when you get kicked in the groin. Thought to myself it’s probably cancer. Did a self check and didn’t think I noticed anything and had my girlfriend do the same and she wasn’t sure.

    Called a urology office on my gut feeling and got the last appointment before Christmas break. It was cancer but it was super early. Got an orchiectomy a few days later, then some mild chemo a few months later and have been just fine ever since. © zondervoze / Reddit


  • When I was a teen, I’d make a few bucks helping a local farmer bale hay. The hay would be stacked on a trailer and towed by tractor to the barn. I usually sat on the front of the trailer on the way to the barn, but I suddenly felt like that wasn’t a good place to be, and I moved to the back.

    As soon as I did, I heard a clang. The hitch had come loose from the tractor — while heading down a steep hill. I climbed down the back and easily stepped off — moments before the trailer flipped over into a ravine. © p38-lightning / Reddit


  • Twice, while delivering pizza to shady neighborhoods. Things didn’t look right, I trusted my instincts and booked. Both times, no one ever called back to ask about their food never arriving. That’s all the proof I need. © LoneQuietus81 / Reddit


  • When I was pregnant for the first time, something just felt off. I knew from the very beginning it wasn’t going to end well. A few weeks later, I started cramping and spotting, which can be normal in early pregnancy. I ended up going to the ER. They couldn’t find any evidence of a pregnancy in my uterus and decided it was a missed miscarriage, and wanted to send me home. But, that gut feeling that something was very wrong was still there, and ai listened to it. I demanded that I be seen by my OB who was head of obstetrics at that hospital and wouldn’t leave until he saw me. He had me in emergency surgery 4 hours after he came to examine me to remove my ruptured fallopian tube and stop the internal bleeding. Had I not listened to my gut, I’d be dead. © kat4190 / Reddit


  • My 3 y.o. was strapped in his car seat and suddenly started saying, “Lock doors, lock doors!” I pressed the button to keep him happy, and just a few seconds later a guy came from behind the car and tried to open the doors and get in. Ours were locked, but he went to the car in front and opened theirs and started punching the driver.

    The lights had just changed so that driver tore off, and I followed him, leaving the guy stumbling across the road. My son was tightly belted in to a chunky car seat, there’s no way he could have seen behind us, and he was in the back so couldn’t see the side mirrors either. © anomalous_cowherd / Reddit


  • I thought my son’s breathing was weird. He was 4 days old. I couldn’t even explain to his doctor what I thought was weird, I just knew it was weird. Took him into the pediatrician, and she did a basic look at him, watched him breathe and said he was fine, I’m just “in anxious mommy mode”.

    The following day, I take him into the ER, telling them the same thing. “I don’t know what it is, but his breathing is just weird” and boom, his oxygen was 72. He ended up staying on supplemental oxygen at home for 2 months. I was crying to one of the nurses, and he told me, “Mom instinct is real, and I’ve seen it save a lot of kid’s lives.” © qweenbimbo_/ Reddit


  • My late best friend “visited” me in my dream, and ran into her in a grocery store. I remember I was ecstatic to see her and blabbed, and she just simply responded “you’re sick” and I woke up. In a few days, I found out I had high risk cervical lesions and needed surgery. © Bubbly-Competition14 / Reddit

Some people are lucky to have a strong gut feeling and can trust it, helping them make good decisions. Others ignore their intuition and might regret it later, facing a more complicated reality.


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