25 Cool and Weirdest Inventions

2 years ago

Rarely do we find an object that makes us fall in love at first sight, but they do exist.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we dare you not to want to buy even one of these things that internet users found and bought without hesitation (some of them were even made by themselves).

1. “A built-in watering hole for your pets”

  • My dog would figure out how to turn that on, and I would come home to 6 inches of water in my kitchen. — henriqueroberto

2. “This bottle opener”

  • I love that they chose bare steel where they have it. I feel like a cheaper design would go with color all over but this just looks so right. — 1stwillever

3. Speakers in the shape of giant AirPods

We just wonder how well they work. But overall this seems like a weird invention you would just end up knocking over all the time. Is it interesting? Yes. But we doubt it is very practical.

4. And what about this fully reflective and iridescent raincoat? In addition to keeping you from getting wet, it will give you a unique style

  • Looks like he got the star while driving mario kart lmao that’s so awesome. — 8plytoiletpaper

5. A cat’s paw

6. “Thor’s hammer that doubles as a full toolbox”

  • “Are you qualified to repair my sink” guy replies “no, but i am worthy” — Tempes074

7. “I got new playing cards that are matte black. Unless you’re looking directly at the card, it’s basically impossible to see what they are”

  • Wouldn’t this make playing frustrating? No one can see any cards played from their natural sitting positions. — GameDoesntStop

8. “A mini filing cabinet for SD cards”

9. “My friend made a life-size Snorlax for my husband...”

  • Your husband is precious and we’re all glad he’s there. Also tell your friend I’d be interested in buying one for myself. Lol. — ObliterationBeam

10. “Itsukushima Shinto Shrine appears on the dish when sauce is poured on it”

This reminds us of a dinner and a show situation. Very aesthetically-pleasing and would for sure impress all of your dinner guests.

11. “A suitcase that can measure its own weight”

This suitcase is genius. Instead of weighing yourself first without and then with a suitcase, or trying to balance it on the scales, you just need to lift it. For a frequent economy class traveler this is such a lifesaver. We will definitely invest in one of these.

12. “This message stamped on the squeaker inside the stuffed animal my dog just destroyed”

  • I found that my dog wants toys he can get the sensation of destroying. If we buy something he can’t get headway on he loses interest very quickly. His favorite toy is a bear with a Velcro tummy that he can rip open and pull the insides out of. Then we just put the stuffing back and Velcro’s it up. He loves it. — trs21219

13. “This side table designed specifically for these books”

  • Taking care to design a bespoke item for specific books, presumably to show off some favorite or cherished books... and not turning all the books the right way. — Munch-Squad

14. “You probably didn’t know you wanted a chubby ceramic seal sculpture by my mom”

They are absolutely right, we did not know we wanted it, but we do now and we want those immediately! Such a cute invention, it has awesomeness all over it. We just wonder how big those cuties actually are.

15. “Toothbrush with replaceable bristles, so you don’t have to keep buying a new handle”

  • I can already see the headline the first time one breaks off mid brushing and gets swallowed...or worse. — MisterKite67

16. If you are one of those people who love sitting cross-legged, this chair is perfect for you!

We know what you are thinking, “this is weird, how will my back be supported?”. But do not worry, these chairs force you to sit upright, but make sure that it is comfortable for you at the same time.

17. A fridge that has a filtered water pitcher inside

  • If that pitcher is unique only to that fridge, buy a extra pitcher now while parts are available. Keep it as a spare just in case the other one gets dropped and broke. It the company discontinues this model that pitcher may not be available to replace it in the future. — southdakotagirl

18. Perfect for using all the content of my toothpaste

So useful! We, personally, start rolling the tube when it is beginning to run out of toothpaste, but it is so inconvenient, so we sure would love a few of these things in our houses.

19. “This holder for my Oreos”

This is a perfect gift for all Oreo lovers out there. We can certainly think of a few. But this is for sure one of those amazing inventions that you can give out to people at work and not break the bank.

20. Much more than just a cup: The bear changes color depending on the color of the drink. Cool, don’t you think?

  • Imagine being a kid and just flipping it upside down to see the picture properly, but then you get juice all over yourself and you’re disappointed, but actually at the fact that you can’t see the picture with juice in it rather than the fact that you spilled juice all over yourself. — Kazahaki

21. “I 3D-printed a Tesla supercharger, but for my phone”

So if you want something like this for yourself, first you need to get your hands on a 3D printer. Sounds like too much trouble.

22. “This Swiss water bottle has the Matterhorn mount in it.”

Or this fun invention was just a molding mistake, in which case the guy responsible for it is a genius in terms of getting out of trouble. We would certainly buy this bottle at least as a souvenir.

23. “The pen cap is shaped like a cat.”

  • Does the pen meow constantly when the ink is only about half full, even though that’s still plenty to write with? — QuasiTimeFriend

24. “I have a calculator with a built-in chessboard.”

We are not sure who would want inventions like this, but it is something we have definitely never seen before. So we are split between calling it a crazy or a simply awesome invention.

25. “Squashed Squid rug ?? ??”

Is there an object in your home that also exceeds the design standards and is totally useful? Share the photo in the comments and tell us what it’s for — we’d love to see it!


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