18 Times People Captured Their Most Precious Moments on Camera

2 years ago

Even the gloomiest of days can become a little brighter if you take your mind off your worries and look at a few cuddly pictures. Luckily, Internet users share those often, and we can awww at pets watching the sunrise together, a woman holding her precious granddaughter for the first time ever, or a cat begging for treats in the most adorable way.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything we want to share with you some of the cutest pics we’ve found online.

1. “Hot Lava is really into his new roommate.”

2. “My mom has been fighting liver issues tirelessly with hopes to be able to live to hold her grandbaby! Today was the day that she was finally able to!”

3. A newly adopted puppy learns everything from his older sister.

4. “It’s finally happening! Can’t wait to take the big leap!”

5. “20 years of love”

6. “Saw this dog on my flight.”

7. “This guy got no-shows for 3 different adoption days. When we met, he climbed right into my lap, and I fell in love. Meet Winston!”

8. “We got a little kitty and she bonded with me fast.”

9. “My old pets watching the sunrise together this morning”

10. “My boyfriend and I just picked up our little rescue kitten, and I can’t tell who’s happier! Meet Frog!”

11. “Cat photo session”

12. “My baby daughter looking at a robin”

13. “My senior(ish) dog can’t swim by himself anymore, so I carry him while he takes a dip.”

14. “Caught this absolute angel begging for treats.”

15. “My 93-year-old grandpa and his best friend”

16. “His first spring!”

17. “Went on a date with my dog today.”

18. “Our daughter’s reaction to learning the puppy wasn’t just a foster...”

Which moment was your favorite? Do you have a special soothing picture you’d like to share with us?

Preview photo credit AdamWK99 / Reddit


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