20 Celebs Who Went From Cute to Gorgeous As The Years Passed By

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We can’t deny that Hollywood stars have endless privileges that allow them to look their best, including access to advanced procedures. Yet some would attribute their good looks to exceptionally well-blessed genes. However, we might wonder if genetics alone are enough to make us look even more stunning with age as these stars. Whichever their real secret is, it is always uplifting to see celebs looking gorgeous, because they remind us that aging should never be feared, especially in our days.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has done some fascinating side-by-side comparisons of stars who seem to know a thing or two about time reversal.

1. Lady Gaga

2. Reese Witherspoon

3. Matt Damon

4. Jennifer Lopez

5. Gwen Stefani

6. Matthew McConaughey

7. Kris Jenner

8. Beyoncé

9. Hugh Jackman

10. Pink

11. Nicole Kidman

12. Jamie Foxx

13. Madonna

14. Jennifer Aniston

15. Jonah Hill

16. Halle Berry

17. Sharon Osbourne

18. Scarlett Johansson

19. Gwyneth Paltrow

20. Keanu Reeves

Do you think these stars have a secret recipe for looking better with age? Do you think a healthy lifestyle is enough to maintain our glow?


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