15 People Have Shared Scary Stories That Happened to Them in Real Life and Gave Us Goosebumps

5 months ago

Even though we know there’s a logical explanation behind those mysterious night sounds and shadows, our primal instincts can’t help but feel a shiver down our spines. In the quiet darkness, our minds create stories that stay with us, making each creak and shadow a thrilling adventure in the theater of the night.

  • I was 21, looking for a room to rent, and had an appointment in the morning to meet a guy. I told my mom about that. That night I had a dream that I went to the house and this guy pushed me down the stairs and tied me to a bed. I woke up sweaty and obviously freaked out. I looked at my phone and my mom had sent me a text a few minutes before saying, “I’m having a weird feeling, don’t go to that guys house, he’s bad”. © the-willow-witch / Reddit
  • Not me, but my dad. He was outside at the far end of the yard and saw me standing on the stairs, whistling for him to come back to the house. When he got back inside, he asked what was up and why I changed my shirt. I hadn’t been outside, didn’t hear any whistling, and was wearing the same black shirt I’d been wearing all day, not the white shirt he saw “me” wearing when he saw me outside a few minutes earlier. © Go_Ask_Alyss / Reddit
  • One time, while I was walking outside, it began to rain pretty heavily pretty quickly. This is normal for where I live, but for some reason, not a single raindrop hit me. I stood there for 10 or so minutes with nothing above me. I even sprinted down the street when I became so confused. Nothing at all! I walked home completely dry and even checked my jacket to confirm it. Never gonna forget that. © moon_spoon_gaming / Reddit
  • I didn’t see it, but I heard it. My friend and I walked around our old school’s property, eating snacks. Out of nowhere, we hear a deep, scratchy voice from behind us, trying to get our attention. We looked back in a panic, and we saw no one. We then ran off the property. A few minutes passed, and we went back to get my friend’s snacks and investigate. There was no trace of him left. © SmolCreator / Reddit
  • We used to own a house a few hours away from where we live currently, and my mom stayed there for a few days for work. One day, when she got home from work, she saw my grandpa (her dad) working on the roof and went to the store to buy some food and snacks for both of them. When she got back from the store, no one was there. She called him and asked where he was, and he said he was at home and that he hadn’t been at the house that day. © Snoo97908 / Reddit
  • When I was 7 or 8 I saw my friend from across the street wave at me and gesture for me to come over to his place to play. I asked my mom to let me go, she seemed confused and a bit shook. She told me he wasn’t home, but I insisted and pointed at him, saying, “No, he’s right there waving at me.” She didn’t let me go out that day. © bel_ray / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, I was playing outside when my great-uncle came to my house to give something to my mom. When he pulled into the driveway I noticed there was a boot, like, a shoe sticking out from under his truck, barely above the ground. It was so weird, and it freaked me out as a kid because I didn’t understand what it was. Never asked him about it and never saw it again. © poopdoot / Reddit
  • So, last month, my family and I were on a road trip. We were almost lost, but my service was barely holding up, so we knew where we were going. Then I look out the window and I see something, and immediately, my body just froze. What I saw was something out of a movie. It was a huge ship, just the mother ship. I saw it and then it was gone. Just like that and still, to this day, nobody believes me. © Your_cars_warranty12 / Reddit
  • I had a weird episode of sleepwalking. I “woke up” out by the school. Naked. In the middle of fall. Only, I wasn’t quite awake, it was like my eyes were stuck shut. Everything was weird, red and wobbly. It still looked like my town, but it was just wrong. And then I felt something on the back of my neck. I walked back to my house and tried waking up my dad, seeing if he could help. Then, I actually woke up. By his bed. And my feet were dirty. I’ve never told my parents about this because I was too freaked out by it. I don’t remember sleepwalking to the school, only half-lucidly walking back. It was not a fun time. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was carrying my son from the bathroom to his bedroom. I glanced in my bedroom as I passed and thought I saw a man sitting on my bed. I assumed my eyes/the shadows were playing tricks and said nothing — then my son asked, “Who’s the old man sitting on your bed, mommy?” © DeeAisha / Twitter

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