20 Internet Beauties Who Dared to Share Their Funny Selfies

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Many of us try to post only our best selfies online, so we tend to take dozens or even hundreds of selfies from different angles to get the one we’ll be happy with. But there are some Internet beauties who are not afraid to share their not-so-perfect selfies, and we find it admirable. Let’s have a look at these photos together.

“Morning, you all. This is how I can magically transform into a beauty.”

“With my glasses off, I look like a girl next door. With my glasses on, I look like Aunt Edna.”

“What people in public see vs what my online fellow-gamers see”

“Trying to take a cute selfie vs accidentally opening the front camera”

“This is my scared face.”

“My neck literally collapses into itself.”

“This is what I look like after waking up.”

“Hi, there.”

“So, I play rugby.”

“This is what I looked like when I got my wisdom teeth removed.”

“The secret to my beautiful photos is me holding my breath.”

“I was unaware until now that I could retract into myself.”

When you want to get a cool free fall photo — expectation vs reality

“Saturday night vs sunday morning”

“I make workout videos on Instagram, and I stumbled across this gem while editing. Goodbye, neck!”

“This is what I look like in the morning. Sometimes I wonder why my husband is still with me.”

“This is the real me.”

“You’ll never be bored with this girl since you won’t know which girl you’re even seeing.”

“I wish I knew what happened, but I can’t explain.”

“When the Bluetooth speaker won’t pair and my great-aunt starts yelling about technology”

Not everyone is brave enough to share their funny selfies. But the heroines of our article seem to have all the courage in the world. And we believe that they can become great role models to us because they treat themselves with humor and don’t take social media too seriously. Would you dare to do something like this?

Preview photo credit daisysnek / Reddit


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