10+ Animals Who Turned Out to Be Smarter Than Some People

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When we bring a dog or a cat home, we don’t really think about how smart and sensitive these animals can be. Our fluffy little friends can save us from fires or a bad date. Because they love us with all their little hearts, and we also can’t live without them.

“Our goat lost her mother when she was very young, since then her and our llama have been inseparable.”

“I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 12 and have suffered mild to severe depression and anxiety since my teens. My beautiful cat has saved me and improved my mental health more than any pill or therapy.”

This dog has adopted a whole litter of opossums.

“A stray rabbit helped my boyfriend dig a hole in the garden this past spring.”

Did it really try to warn them?

  • Once, my husband and I withdrew money from an ATM, and went to a café that was right across the road. There was a large cage with a raven on the porch. It was a very beautiful bird. It began to caw loudly when we were leaving — it seemed like it didn’t want us to leave. We got home and suddenly realized that our money was gone. We were in a panic. We ran back and looked for it along the way. When we approached the café, the raven began to caw again. My husband continued to look for money, and I went up to the cage to calm the bird down. And there was our money! It turns out that the raven saw that we’d lost our money and called out for us.

“They think it’s their mom.”

The dog sensed that something was wrong.

  • I was dressing for a date. Suddenly, my dog grabbed my pants and wouldn’t give them back. So, I ended up being late for my date, and when I got there, she was already gone. A month later, my cop friend sent me a photo and asked, “Do you know her?” It turned out she was caught on fraud charges. She went home with some guy and robbed him. I can’t stop thinking that, without my dog, that guy could’ve been me.

“One of our dogs is old and blind and has a seeing eye cat. They are inseparable.”

“My nursedog Onyx is taking such good care of me after my surgery. I don’t think she has slept in a week.”

The cat saved him.

  • My dad came home after a night shift and went to sleep. Suddenly, our cat began to meow loudly. Dad didn’t react, and she began to meow even louder. Dad couldn’t stand it any longer and got up, but the cat ran to the kitchen, so he followed her. It turned out he hadn’t turned off the stove, and there was the smell of gas in there.

“The cat I never wanted probably saved my life. Once, when I was sleeping, I stopped breathing. And I couldn’t call for help. At that moment, my cat started jumping on my chest for about 20 seconds until I started breathing normally again.”

“This dog recently lost her babies. She was paired with some recently orphaned puppies, and she instantly and gladly accepted them as her own.”

Cats always know better.

  • After divorcing, I lived alone. A friend of mine gave me a kitten. Once, in the evening, I was cooking chicken and fell asleep. I woke up to my cat sitting next to my face. I chased her away, irritated, and then noticed that the room was filled with smoke coming from the kitchen. She literally saved my life.


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