20 Objects That Totally Fit Into the “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure” Category

2 years ago

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate at home. Books, furniture, pans. We don’t get rid of any of it because “someday it will come in handy.” But at some point, we have to say goodbye to some items and throw them away because they take up too much space in our home. For us, these things are useless, but for others, they are real treasures looking for a new owner.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we love to discover surprises where we least expect to find them, so we share with you this selection of treasures found in the trash.

1. “So our condo has a freecycle section in the garage where people put stuff they don’t want. There, anybody can take them. One night I found: an Apple TV, a Bluetooth speaker, and a MacBook in excellent condition but locked.”

2. “Didn’t even have to go far... sitting right by my apartment dumpster.”

3. “2 oil on panel paintings from between 1929 and 1934 that I found tonight in Canada. I can’t believe these were thrown away.”

4. “It was in a dumpster, but they took great care to leave it visible and not touching anything too gross. Thank you, thank you, random musician.”

We find really nice big keyboards, cheap violins, and cases quite often in music store dumpsters. Actually, a whole slew of musical instruments in perfect working condition. © southernsa**8 / Reddit

5. “Amazing armchairs from the trash. They were in a fairly wealthy suburb. They even had spare screws and screw covers taped on them.”

6. “Found this guy. New with a tag on it.”

7. “2 vintage jewelry boxes with tons of older jewelry. The previous owner’s family wanted it all thrown out, so I took it.”

8. “Watched a guy put a box in an e-waste bin and had to take a look.”

9. “Really nice office chair. I just sold it.”

10. “I work as a school photographer. When I pulled up at the elementary school I saw this giant GORGEOUS mirror near the school dumpster.”

11. “Found this $200 printer in a college dumpster today!!!! Works just fine. It came with extra cartridges too!”

12. The florist threw away dozens of bouquets because a portion of the flowers were wilting. I brought them home, sorted them out, gave them a trim, and repurposed them into completely new arrangements."

13. “Apple AirPods, with a charging case. I found them in a trash can near a local college where rich kids study.”

14. “This Mendini violin was in the dumpster. By far my best find.”

15. “Someone threw out a 50” Smart TV. Guess who has a new TV. Next to it was a box for a new television. I think this was replaced by a better model."

16. “At the side of the road for free, solid wood and in fairly great shape. And almost exactly what I’ve been searching for in second-hand shops.”

17. “Best find yet! It amazes me what people throw away.”

18. “Found a rose gold 128GB iPhone 7+ with just cracked glass. Everything else works and is in great shape, and it was reset when I found it. Had it not been cracked, I’d have thought it was brand new.”

19. “All-Clad sauce and frying pans! Slightly used, but new to me! Found in a recycling dumpster. Customer probably returned them for some reason, so the retailer threw them away.”

20. “I found this in my apartment complex dumpster. I pulled it out, placed it at my front door, and let nature do the rest.”

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What would you do if you found a similar surprise in a garbage can?

Preview photo credit Cult7Choir / Reddit


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